Sunday, 26 June 2016

REVIEW : Make Over Eyeliner Pencil Royal Blue AND SWATCHES OF ALL COLORS

When was the last time I posted?
As always... lazy and pretty tired. 
I can't concentrate during fasting
This year is the hardest, I guess. LOL.

Today, I'll give you a review of this

Sunday, 5 June 2016

REVIEW: Cowstyle SKin LiFE Face Lotion & Facial Foam

Hello Pretty Dolls!
Couple weeks ago I receive a package from Kawaii Beauty Japan
It's Cowstyle Skin LiFE Face Lotion and Facial Foam

Cowstyle  is a Japanese product under Cow Brand Company
Cow Brand has a lot of products, their famous one is soap.
And CowStyle Skin LiFe is their medicated acne care series
Each Cowstyle Product is made in Japan.

EVENT REPORT: Cathy Doll Meet and Greet

Hello Pretty Dolls!
Jangan bosen - bosen ya ama event report.
Harusnya ada review review menunggu. Tapi, seperti biasa...
Aku ga bisa bagi waktu.