Monday, 15 September 2014

REVIEW : GEO Xtra Sakura Brown

HELLO! Long time no see. I'm so sorry that i haven't post anything yet. I was busy since Eid Mubarak. There are a lot of product reviews waiting. My aunt bought me some mask pack, cc cream, powder, and mascara from Singapore. YAY! But, today I'll review my new circle lens.

I've addicted to circle lens since high school but i can't buy it back then. I don't want other student judge me, lol. Because back in 2009, colored contact lens is not so that popular. People will judge you when you wear it at school. And i got myopia on my second or third semester in uni. So, i decided to buy a lens instead of glasses. i find glasses a little inconvenient. I got myopia around 2010 and bought glasses around 2012. lol. Decided to buy glasses when to lazy to put lenses on.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

REVIEW : MIZZU Eyeliner Pen

Hello!! Sorry if I didn’t post anything lately. I’m busy with my essay. Sigh.
Well, let’s move to MIZZU.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

REVIEW: Red-A Lipstick 619 , 612 , 626

Hello everyone whoever love to read my blog. kekekeke. I'm back with one of my favorite Indonesian brand. It's Red-A. Tbh, people called me Red-A since i was a kid because of my name is similar. Lol. And i remember back then every time i saw Red-A commercial on television my eyes gone shiny because they have a lot of pretty colors! Like their famous blue eyeshadow that always appearing on every Red-A commercial. It's just pretty and funky. I love it. I always wanting to grow up and try them on.

But then when I grow up... I ignored this brand. Frankly, their recent commercial is not as pretty as i seen when i was a kid. They didn't follow recent trend of makeup for their commercial and it's just boring. In my opinion there are a lot of Indonesian brand that still stick with old school type of makeup like, bright vivid colors, matte makeup, and everything is just vivid and defined. Meanwhile, natural makeup is a hit right now. Even their packaging is still the old school ones. They never change their packaging as i remember. (Psst i just find their newest commercial on their website and it's so pretty oh gosh i'm so sorry for being ignorant. check it out.)

Sunday, 13 July 2014

REVIEW : Etude House Dear Darling Tint 02 Real Red

I'm so so so so happy with this tint. Maybe because this is my first tint ever. Kekekeke. So exited.
I bought Dear Darling Tint 02 리얼 레드 (lieol ledeu) or Real Red. I choose this color because i really want a red color for my first lip tint, not pinkish, not orange or purple-ish. Just red, yeah real red one. But i also want orange colored tint but it was out of stock. I bought it in Beauty Pretty Shoppe for only Rp. 45.000. YAY!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

RECIPE : Krafkorn Bread Sandwiches (Sweet & Savory)

Toasted Kraftkorn
I bought this Kraftkorn bread in Hypermart because it's "buy one get one free" lol.
It's was almost closing time so they give a huge discount. I was cravting for some hard bread (did u get what i mean? some western bread tend to have a hard texture because they have more saliva than asians, lol that was something i knew from Yakitate! Japan. anime. CMIIW!) I've tried baquette before and i'm wanting something else. Then i found this bread. It cost around Rp. 15.000 - Rp. 16.000/pack and you got 8 breads in each pack.
I've searched in google about this Krafkorn bread. So, Kraftkorn bread is dark malt with sprinkle of grain ans seeds on top of it such as, malt, wheat, rye, oat, soya, sunflowers seeds and flaxseeds. It shaped oval and has a brownish color. The texture is hard and a bit coarse. But i really like to eat the seeds on the suface. LOL.

It's really hard if you eat it just like that. You will really need an effort to chew it. So, i try to toast it with strawberry and blueberry jam. It turn out soooo gooood.
Blueberry Jam Kraftkorn

So, all you need is :

  • Butter
  • Kraftkorn breads
  • Jam / Spread (any jam you like. i bet i'l will be really good with peanut butter)
How to:

  • Slice the bread into two or cut it on the side of bread using kitchen scissor (like i did)
  • Spread and stuffed the jam inside
  • It's just like and ordinary toast. spread the butter on the bread or on the pan. It depends on which style you like
  • Toast it until it turn out brow. I like it a bit burn.
The butter is just soften the texture and it turn out crunchy on the surface. Hot jam in the middle soften the inside of the bread. It's just perfect.
And i tried to make a little modification by stuffing cornet and chili sauce on it.
Cornet and Chili sauce
Hell yeah.... it's sooo delisious. So i decided to make a savory sandwiches the day after.

Egg and Cornet Kraftkorn Sandwich (2 serving)

Delicious Monster
  • Cornet (i'[m using spoon to measure. 3 spoon is enough)
  • Egg
  • Chili/tomato sauce
  • Lettuce
  • Kraftkorn Bread
  • Butter
  • Pinch of salt and pepper
How to:
  • Slice the bread into two or cut it on the side of bread using kitchen scissor
  • Spread the butter on the bread or on the pan.
  • Toast it till browned, set aside.
  • Heat butter until it melted, cook the egg and cornet together.
  • Sprinkle pinch of salt and pepper, mix well. 
  • Put the lettuce on the bread
  • Stuffed the egg and cornet mixture inside
  • Voila, you can eat it with chili/tomato sauce or any of your favorite sauce.
I like ti spread the sauce inside before putting the lettuce then stuffed it with filling. But do it whatever you like. You could use any kind of stuffing, smoked beef, ham, sausage, chicken breast, or for the sweet one cream and strawberry or anything. Just be creative with it. 

Hope you enjoy it.

Friday, 11 July 2014

QUICK POST : Beauty Pretty Shoppe Haul

I just can't help myself to share my happiness. hahahhaha

So i bought these beauty products from Beauty Pretty Shoppe . They said they are
the cheapest korean beauty. AND IT'S TRUEEEE!! I bought Dear Darling Tint and it only cost Rp. 45.000. There are a lot of online shop that sell it around Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 89.000. That's crazzzzzyyyy
it's tidy and secured well

I wanted a lip tint since around 2 years ago. Lol. But I didn't buy it.... *let's talk about the money money~*
But i keep researching which online shop offers the cheapest price. LMAO. And my friend show me Beauty Pretty Shoppe which is very very satisfy me...
I bought Innisfree Green Tea Seeds Serum sample, Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner sample size (hahahahhaha) and Etude House Dear Darling Tint in Real Red. They give me bonus Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit and a member card that you can use to collect point. You can redeem the point with various gifts.
Their member card. so cute right?

Okay, so that is my quick post. I'll review those product soon. See you later!!!

REVIEW : Yukkiyuna Lashes in Pure and Allure

Hello everyone.
i'm baaaaack! So quick right. I've prepared some reviews ahead so, i'm gonna post quite often for some moment.

So cute right TT
Today's review is..... Yukkiyuna lashes in Pure and Allure!
Yukkiyuna is an Indonesia Handmade Lashes. 100% human hair and lightweight.
You could find them on Yukkiyuna Facebook or Yukkiyuna Instagram. They also have official distributors for each city. Ask them for the information of your city distributor's. For Surabaya area is Wishlist Makeup.
The price for each lashes originally are Rp. 16.000 for each lashes without glue. With glue it becomes Rp. 20.000. Not pricey for a high quality handmade lashes. Their glue are high quality also (forgot to take a pic. will take it in next review).

Thursday, 10 July 2014

REVIEW : Daiso Charcoal Mask (GROSS and HEAVY PIC)

Finally, i review this product. I really really really reaaaaaaaaally want to try this since long time ago but this product is not available in any Daiso Indonesia. Online shop is the only hope. But this product is just getting rare. I try to search it on Instagram but mostly it was posted last year. So, i think it's not ready anymore. Someday my friend tell me a great idea. She told me to search it on (it was before. oh memories). And, voila! i got it!!!
The Price was written Rp. 45.000 but when i contact the seller it become cheaper. Only Rp. 35.000!!!

Thick Body and Thin Pocket

Hello First of all. Let me introduce myself. Kekekeke....
My name is Redha Caraka Shinta. Currently studying Japanese in Universitas Negeri Surabaya.
I'm 91 liner (so obvious that i'm Kpoper for using that term)
And yes, I'm Kpoper. I really really like the music. even tho people say it's crappy but hey... come on. It's easy listening.
I love Korean style and Japanese style makeup. Gyaru or Ulzzang? why not both??
As a person who love Korean Japanese style of course i love taking selcas. I have a lot of it =_=
Here are some of my selca that i used for Yukkiyunna review on my insta. gotta post the full review of it here later.
Yukkiyunna Pure

Attempting to do gyaru makeup. LOL So about the title.
Why "Thick Body and Thin Pocket"
1. I'm fat
2. I'm broken

I'm weighed 80kg (maybe more.. i gained weigh recently,  damn )
And i'm just 158 cm tall. See? not ideal AT ALL! < I've mention that i'm a uni student right? that's why i'm broken..... But, i'm seeking for a job now. yay!
okay, so i'll just be honest here. I got Rp. 500.000 of pocket money every month. i have a catering business. i sell breakfast, lunch and dinner for my dorm mates. Sometimes my friend's sister called me for help on her work. Frankly i'm not making that much money. But, I do really really love make up and food. So that's why i'm making this blog. i'll write about beauty in budget and fooding in budget. Lol.
Korean and Japanese makeup (even tho it called drug store make up) they're not cheap for me. For example, that-famous-cushion-thingy, it cost almost half of my pocket money in a month. so.... i'm can't eat for around 2 weeks if i buy it. Maybe i sounds like a cheapskate lady but well... i want to live.
well, i still want to buy it anyway... so i need to begin saving. Saving for every make up and foods that i want to try.
Yes, i'm gonna blog about food also. Mostly snacks, since they are affordable (according to my pocket), some cafes, fast food resto and anything affordable. Kekekeke.

So, let the game begin. May the odds be ever in your favor
It's the real hunger game