Sunday, 5 June 2016

REVIEW: Cowstyle SKin LiFE Face Lotion & Facial Foam

Hello Pretty Dolls!
Couple weeks ago I receive a package from Kawaii Beauty Japan
It's Cowstyle Skin LiFE Face Lotion and Facial Foam

Cowstyle  is a Japanese product under Cow Brand Company
Cow Brand has a lot of products, their famous one is soap.
And CowStyle Skin LiFe is their medicated acne care series
Each Cowstyle Product is made in Japan.

Actually, this package suppose to arrive two months ago. 
It was a giveaway gift. They explained on the email (sent a day after the packaging came) that the products were out of stock.
I sent couple of email to their PR asking if there is something happen or did I wrote my address wrongly. But they didn't reply
Don't get me wrong. It's not about what inside the packaging, but I do often wrote everything wrongly.
SO, I was just afraid that I made a mistake one more time.

The Cowstyle Skin LiFE Face Lotion packaging is pretty huge. It will be 2 months supply for me.
The price is different depends on where you buy it.
One day I saw this product at Papaya and it cost around Rp. 75.000
On their website it was juts Rp. 40.000
Pretty expensive for me.

The texture is watery, doesn't feel sticky at all.
I like it. And it smells so nice.
Not perfume-y type of smell, it's soft and decent.
 Cowsyle Skin LiFE Face Lotion absorbed really fast to the skin.

Next, it's Cowsyle Skin LiFE Facial Foam
This facial foam also has a huge packaging.
It smells almost the same as the Face Lotion, but stronger.
It almost smell like medicine for me.
But it doesn't bother me at all.
The consistency is pretty thick and Cowstyle Skin LiFE Facial Foam is really foamy. lol
I like it, they cleanse all my makeup residue pretty well.

Usually, Japanese product will have extra seal inside.
But this one doesn't
This Cowstyle product keep skins hydrated with soft and gentle foam 
It doesn't feel dry or tight after use.

Cowstyle Skin LiFE claim to clean up your skin without drying them, makes pores appear smaller, repair skin texture, and of course. acne free.
It also removes dead skin cells and sebum around you pores. Makes your skin looks brighter and healthy.
Cowstyle Skin LiFE passed oil free and allergic test.
But, remember! each person have different skin type and condition. It could give different result.

How to use?
First, clean up your makeup. Wash your face using Cowstyle Skin LiFE Facial Foam and finish with SkinLiFE Facial Lotion.
On the packanging, they suggest to damp a cotton pad with facial lotion but I found it more efficient to pour some on my hand and pat it on my face.

taken from CowStyle Website

I don't have acne prone skin, so I ask my friend to try this out.
The result is pretty great. 
Her acne start to dry out and disappear on the third day.
I calm most of her redness also.
Lately, I also got some pimples due to my period and this product help to heal my skin faster.

What I Like
Heal acne faster
Doesn't irritates my skin

What I Don't Really Like


AEON, Ranch Market, Grand Lucky, Kem chics, Papaya, Market City, Rezeki Supermarket, Century, Yogya Super.
You can also buy this online at
Nadeko, Suka Mart, Tororo, Bilna

 Website :



  1. produk ini bagus ya untuk mengurangi jerawat,,, aku suka kebetulan sama produk keluaran jepang banyak yang bilang bagus untuk kulit wajah.

    1. iya bagus. tapi ada juga yang gak cocok. hehehe. kalo aku cenderung gampang cocok sih sama produk apapun. :D