I'm a 156cm tall and fat chick who loves foods, makeups, and myself. hahahaha.
My name is Redha Caraka Shinta. and I'm a fresh graduate from Universitas Negeri Surabaya.
I love cats and kinda afraid of dogs.
I have a dream that someday when i have my own house. I'll buy a bucket of fried chicken and 1 liter ice cream and finish them all while watching serial. lolololol. Seems like i never gonna stop being fat.
I really love taking selca/selfie whatever you call it. And kinda obsessed with korean style makeup.

My favorite makeup brand so far NYX, ELF, Red A, Sariayu, Mustika Ratu, Maybelline and Pixy.
But i don't have enough money to buy them all. hahahaha.

My favorite color is Purple, Red, and Orange.

I don't know more what to say. So yeah. please kindly check my blog and follow me.

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