Friday, 6 November 2015

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My Graduation Makeup

First of all.
This is not a tutorial.
There is a tutorial but not by me. 
Hello pretty dolls.
Today I just want to share you about my graduation makeup.
I was trying 3 looks. But today I'll just share 2 looks.
Because, the first one was a fail..

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Review : MAKARIZO Hair Energy Scentsation - Ocean Breeze


Hello Pretty Dolls
This is my first hair care review.
I’ve been using this product around for two months I guess.
And I really love it!
I saw the TVC few days ago and then it makes me really want to post this as soon as possible.

This is Makarizo Hair Energy Scentsation. It’s a hair fragrance basically.
But it has a UV protection. So it’s really good for us, tropical person.
You really do need this product in this time around.
Indonesia been really hot lately.
Not a smokin’ sexy hotness. But boiling hot! Almost literally. Like hell.

click to zoom

This hair product gonna give a nice scent to your hair and protect it from UV damage.
What i feel about this product is, it is not make my hair silky smooth because it doesn’t mean for that.
But! I doesn’t dry out my hair.
I used this when I’m going around with my motorcycle and I’m wearing my helmet for a quite long time.
This product keeps my hair fragant even after a long journey with helmet. 

And, let me tell you something amazing.
I was spraying this fragarance after taking a bath and then I play around, doing chores and stuff.
Then I go to sleep and when I wake up, the scent it’s still there.
Because you know, sleeping makes you sweaty everywhere.
I thought the scent will be gone. But it’s not!
I feel fabolous when I wake up. Lol.
So, this fragrance is really long lasting.

This fragrance comes in two size. The big one is around 60ml? I’m not sure.  It was around double size of the mini one that I own.
I only have one problem with the packaging. 
There is a gap between the pump and the bottle.
So, sometimes I can't push it to spray. 
But It doesn't really bother me. 

I bought the mini one because it has a free limited edition holder.
They have two kind of scent. The other one was pink-orange colored it’s called “Flower Blossom” I guess.
I’m so sorry that I keep forgoting things.
I choose this “Ocean Breeze” scent because it smells really fresh and milder than the pink one.
The pink one has a warm kind of scent which I don’t like.
This mini size retail for around Rp. 12.000

Overall thought

What I Like
- long lasting
- doesn’t dry out my hair
- UV protect
- travel friendly

What I don’t like
- none




Saturday, 17 October 2015

My Apology and more...

Hello Pretty Dolls,
Actually I don't even need to write this.
It's not like I have a million follower anyway.
But it's more like an apology and promise to myself.

I'm so sorry that I haven't posting anything since like foreverrr.
Because life happen. 
In the last update i was saying I'm gonna start my job.
Bu now I quit alredy.
And I've been busy applying job here and there.
Getting my license and more things.
AND THE WORST, I have no internet. 
Like, the signal here is really really sucks.
I can'e even open Facebook.
My phone broken and the only phone I have is a very old android.
It can't even install so many apps because it's too old.

But, now. I'm getting my wifi back.
Not my wifi technically. 
But it's my campus wifi
I'm browsing in the middle of the night in campus.

And when I get everything ready I have a lot of things to post.
The Olivella review, Sariayu event report, many other review and food's review.
Because like I wrote on the tittle of this blog
"love hate relationship between makeup, foods, and my wallet.
But, this won't be like a cafe-or-restaurant-only reviews
but also street food and food and snacks from convenience store. 
Hope you guys will enjoy them in the future.

So, again I'm so sorry and I promise I'll do better in the future.
See you in my next post. ASAP

Sunday, 16 August 2015

REVIEW : Wet 'N Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color - Red My Mind

Have you ever heard about this liquid lipstick?
If you haven't hear about it. You really need to check my review.
This is the cheapest liquid lipstick I ever know.
I've you know anything cheaper than this. Tell me!
Because this Wet 'n Wild Liquid Lip Color cost me only Rp. 45.000 ($ 4.5)

The packaging is quite slim with clear bottle and black cap.
I thought it contains tiny amount of products.
But it doesn't.
It contain 6.8 ml
L.A Girl only 5 ml despite the bulky packaging.

The downside, I don't know how long this product will last.
There are no information of that.
The shade's name is really cute tho.
Red My Mind

The application is soft and flexible.
I forgot to take a pic of it's flexibility.
But it bends when you press it on your lips.

As you can see the applicator is flat.
The size is really perfect for my bottom lips.
But my bottom lips is really thick so it might be too big for you.

The texture is not mousse-y or thick.
It's a little bit sticky and takes more time to dry.
But it's not tacky at all when it's completely dry.
I don't know if you can tell but it has a little bit of glow.
It's not too glossy.
Sometimes I think it's resemble nail polish.
But not so that glossy...uhm please look at the picture so you can judge

Upper : flash ~ Bottom : Without flash 

Here is the swatch on my lips.
Flash and without flash.
Forgot to put watermark and explanation
The bottom pic is without flash and in a natural light.
But in real life it closer to flash pic.
I fall in love with the color since the first time I saw it an the Diva Cresent Store.
Been eye-ing this products for a month I guess.
And I finally bought it on the day I met Dita.
The other color has glitters in it.
So I'm not really looking at other.
But I guess. I guess there is one more color without glitter.

Tissue test.
It only transfer a liiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit from the inside of my lips.
Because it's wet.
It does transfer when it gets wet. But the staying power is top notch!
You can see down bellow how does it last.

It crack a little on the upper side of my lips.
But the color stay really long time.
It didn't budge at all.
Love it very much.
And yeah, it's quite drying so 
My Sleek Matte Me will become a little tacky with lipbalm under.
But this one doesn't.

It's quite hard to remove this liquid lipstick
It gets clumpy and dry.
It's hard to explain. You can see the picture.
But when you remove this lipstick you'll also exfoliate your lips.
Idk if that up side or down side.


- Stays forever
- Good applicator
- Easy to apply

- Dries my lips
- Hard to clean



Some selfie using this liquid lip color.
as you can see the color is really vibrant and I Love It!


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Review : PIXY Waterproof Mascara

Hello Pretty Dolls!
So, today I'm gonna share to you about this mascara.
Actually I don't want to buy this mascara.
I'm aiming for Maybelline Big Eyes mascara.
But it's IDR 100.000 ($10)
Not bad I mean it's not too expensive for that mascara.
But then I think what if i spend IDR 100.000 for some cheaper makeup. 
So I could get more products.
And so many people say so. 
So I did it and of course i get more makeup.
Finally I just spend around IDR 50.000 ($5) and I got 3 products.
This mascara is retail for around IDR. 40.000 ($4)

The packaging is kinda cute with pinkish theme.
A shocking pink color.
Pixy has the prettiest packaging amongs Indonesian brand I think.
It's my personal opinion tho.
It comes with box like this.

I find the bottle is a little bit boring but it's still nice.
It has a pink cap and black bottle with Pixy and "Waterproof Mascara" written in it.
The packaging do looks nice in the picture. hehehe.

The applicator is a little bit curved. I don't know if you can tell.
But the brush is not really special. It's curved but that's it.
If you used with Maybelline mascara like i do.
You'll know what i mean.

The texture is kinda watery.
I don't know how to explain,
 it's not like Maybelline formula that thick and a little bit like paste.
At first I really really hate this mascara. Not hate but I just don't like the formula.
My mom use this mascara and I've tried it.
I don't know. It's wet and easily become messy in the application.
And I don't this it give a nice volume.

But now after several trial and error.
Now I know how to use this mascara.
The key is, wait.
You have to wait a little longer before you put a layer after layer.
And after I know this trick, I LOOOVEEEE IT.
Still not as much as I love my ultimate favorite mascara, Maybelline.
But hey for the price, it's really good.

You can see down bellow how is the performance of this mascara.

My bare lashes

One coat
It's lengthening but not so much volume.

Two Coat
More lenght more volume.

As you can see, this mascara doesn't clump at all.
All you need to do is to wait before you put more layer.
And it do stays all day. It's waterproof and smudge proof.
Have you ever wear mascara and it smudge all over your under eye area?
This mascara didn't smudge at all.



Not Clumpy
Smudge proof


Too wet formula
Easily get messy
Need to wait a little bit longer before layering

Overall Score


Repurchase? Uhm.. maybe... because I still want to try the Maybelline Big Eyes

Some selfie when I wear this mascara so you can see how it's looks from a little afar.

Pardon my weird expression

Have you try this mascara?
What's your favorite mascara?
Leave a comment down bellow~
Share with me and let's talk about them!


PS: I started my job today so I guess I'll update this blog a little slow. 

Sunday, 9 August 2015

My After Eid Haul

Long time no seee!
I'm really sorry that I haven't post anything for almost a month i guess.
I've been busy with graduation thing and Eid Mubarak. 

Why do I named this After Eid Haul?
Becauseeee obviously I bought this, ugh not all of them, after Eid.
Don't get me wrong, I bought half of them for my graduation day since I do my own makeup.
And also my Aunt give me all the skincare here.
Some of them are preloved. 
Because my aunt have a really sensitive skin, 
When the skin care or makeup didn't suit her skin.
She will give it to me.
So mostly they are all contain 90% of the product.

And, last month I met Dita, from Beauty Doodle
Aaand, i bought some things.
Only 3.
Dita do splurge a lot. LOL.
And I'm here waiting for her to review all of them. *wink*

So here are what my haul. This actually the biggest haul I ever got.
Thanks to my aunty. lol

First here is what I got from my lovely aunty.

 Olivella Nourishment Cream
Olivella Contour Eye Cream
Olivella Beauty Soap
Olivella Lip Roll-On
Bunch of Olivella sample.
and Tony Moly Egg Pore Thightening Pack.
 And one more thing that I forgot to include in that pic.
It's MAC Lightful Foundation Sample Size in NC30
I'll give a mini review here. NC30 matches well with the skin of the back of hand.
It's a little bit lighter for my face. 
I used them to set my foundation on my graduation ceremenoy.
My foundation was Kryolan Supracolor which could be creasing like crazy.
And this powder set them really nicely. 
My makeup didn't crease at all and i was amazed. 
It's soft and smooth. 
Doesn't accentuate my pore at all. 
As expected... 
It's actually full when my aunt give me. But I hit pan already. 
Because 2 days before the graduation I used them to tested it out.
I used it with two different foundation. 
That's why it takes two days.
And I do my friend graduation makeup too using this.


This is what I bought after Eid. 
These are all for my graduation ceremony.

EOS Cat Eyes in grey lenses.
Implora Eyebrow pencil in Brown 
SILKYGIRL Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner
Kelly Lashes 
UBU (Urban Beauty United) Eyemazing Tapered Blending Brush
Tammia Crease Brush
Aand a necklace. I know it's not a beauty related I'm sorry my bad.

Half of this products are bought when I met Dita.
And the other half I bought in a convenient store near my dorm.
Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lipstick
Innisfree It's Real Squueze Mask Green Tea
SNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask
Viva Eye Base Gel
Viva Fin Touch Blush No. 4
Pixy Waterproof Mascara

 So yeah guys that's all my haul. 
I'll review the mascara, lipstick, mask and lenses very soon. 
And I'll reviewing the skincare a month from now on.
Because I want to try them more and tell you how I really feel.

Oh yeah thank you Dita for coming here to the west. LOL.
Dealing traffic and my awkwardness.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

My Top 3 Favorite Beauty Youtubers (and 3 more channel you should check!)

How's life going? 

Today's post gonna be a quick chit chat style (?)
Because actually I haven't prepare anything to write 
But i can't sleep so yeah.
Here I am.

I'm gonna introduce you to my 3 Favorite  Beauty Youtubers..
Actually I've watch a lot beauty channel on Youtube but no other i feel obssesed with like this . 
And I watch some Youtuber in past and I was obsessed with them her but now not anymore.
So this is why i just share 3  (and extra 3) with you guys.

1. KathleenLights

Youtube : KathleenLights
Instagram : @kathleenlights

I'm totally obsessed with this girl!! Like really really obsessed. 
I watch her videos everyday.
I downloaded a bunch of her videos and watch it every single time i have spare time.
Like yesterday, I am waiting break fast time while rewatching aaalll of her videos i have
And streaming some more. Lol.

She is genuine, honest, sweetheart, and a little bit crazy but fun girl.
She give honest review about a product. 
If it's bad she said it's bad
If it expensive she'll said "girl, das expensive" it's her catchphrase when saying something expensive.
She will always give you alternative of expensive things with a cheaper version of it that has the same quality.
Her makeup skill is amazing. It's neat and perfect.
Some people said she keep playing safe and repeating some looks.
Because mostly, her makeup tutorial and makeup looks is warn and neutral kind of makeup.
But hey! I DON'T MIND.
I need a lot of varieties of natural makeup anyway.
I'm not gonna going festive on my daily basis.
She still have a lot of colorful makeup looks. 
And they're amazing! 
She also have a good sense of humor. Her bloopers always gets me.
I fall in love with her when i was looking for Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadow review.
I found her video, downloaded it without watching it first. 
Then when i watch it... I FALL IN LOVE!
She is seriously my girl crush.
Oh almost forgot. She collaborate with Colourpop to create her own
Lippie Stix and Eyeshadow Set.
The Lippie Stix is Lumiere
And the eyeshadow set is Where The Lights Is
And theeeey are amazing.
I want them so bad. But I'm still waiting Colourpop to ship worldwide.
So the price is not gonna far from the real price. lol.
Oh no, i talk a lot. so here some of here videos! You should check them out!

The Colourpop review that make me fall in love


Where The Lights Is (lol that face)

My Favorite Tutorials


2. PONY 

Instagram : @ponysmakeup

Most of beauty blogger must be knew her already
She is a really famous Korean makeup artist.
Her real name is Park Hyemin and she is Korean.
She was an ulzzang, Ulzzang means "best face" in Korean.
Ulzzang gets their popularity on the internet (or real life) because they have a pretty or handsome face.
Some of ulzzang become idols or actors or actresses.
That was quick explanation of Ulzzang guys.
I discover her when I was searching "Ulzzang makeup" on Google and her tutorial will appear a lot!
Then, I found that she is part of InsiteTV Channel. 
She have her own series of makeup tutorial called "Pony's Beauty Diary"
And her tutorial areeeee amaaazing!!
Everyone who are obsessed with korean beauty must watch her beauty diary.
Now she has her own beauty channel and you should check the out too.
I've listed everything on top. Just click and you linked to her channel.
Her makeup are mostly soft and natural. But it really emphasize your beauty.
Just like how korean idols and actresses do their makeup.
Her explanation is really clear and she also give you tips and trick of korean makeup.
I really like how she have so many tricks to do her makeup. 
And she always catch up with newest korean makeup collection.
So if you're into korean makeup. Go check her out and you'll obsessed.
Well, at least I am. hahaha

Ulzzang makeup

This one is really beautiful!

Etude Play 101 Pencil

from her own channel

3. Daddoa

Youtube : Daddoa 다또아
 Instagram : @daddoa

 I find her channel when I was wandering around Youtube looking for Korean tutorial.
And of course, once again I love her tutorial.
Similar with Pony, she is also Korean.
Her name is Lee Da Sol 
She is actually a new Youtuber. 
She started her channel arounf 10 months ago.
I love her makeup because it's fresh, light and practical.
Actually she is really similar with Pony 
but Pony videos mostly recorded in studios with high end cameras
While Daddoa is just like any other youtuber. In her room.
But it doesn't mean her video quality is bad. 
It's pretty good. And she explain things really well too.
I love her voice and the way she talk. 
She is cute but not in a annoying way.
Somehow i can relate to her.
Most of her tutorial are really wearable for daily basis.
That's why i love it.
And I just found out the She was born in 1996.
Dang, so young and already success. 


The student makeup are interesting

Channeling Hyuna's Red lips

 Why do i list them as bonuses? Because i didn't really check their channel. 
The 3 above are the channels that I always check first whenever I go to Youtube.
This 3 has amazing makeup tutorial also but I didn't really check them every single time.


Youtube: Lamuqe
Instagram:   @lamuqe
Another Korean beauty mentor.
She is more similar to Pony than Daddoa. 
She also have her own beauty diary on her channel.


Youtube : Kaushal Beauty
Instagram : @kaush_m

She is Hindi Beauty Youtuber.
Her makeup skill is great. I love her makeup.
She has a great contouring skill.
Her Kylie Jenner Tutorial surprise me.


Youtube: MakeupWearables Hairstyle
Instagram : @mwhairstyle

Not a makeup focused but hairstyle. 
Her tutorial are seriously AMAZING!
You'll find every kind of hairstyle you want with a clear explanation!
I go there whenever I need a new hairstyle for special occasions 

Oh, forgot to say. All the Korean Youtuber I've listed above, they all have Eng Sub. So don't worry.
Go check them all. They're all amazing!!

See you in my next post. XOXO

Monday, 29 June 2015

REVIEW : Viva Cosmetics Cream Eyeshadow (Coklat, Ungu, Hitam, Peach & Ungu Dark)


Today’s review is Viva Cosmetics Cream Eyeshadow.
Actually i want to wait ‘till i purchased the entire collection to do the review. But i guess it’s gonna take a lot of time. And I’m starting to losing my patient to wait. Hahaha.
So far I’ve purchased 5 shades which is moslty, 90% a pretty neutral shade. Because, I bought what I would wear at the first place.

They have a plastic packaging. Black and white round pan with clear cap so you can see the shade.
 It’s quite fragile and sometimes i can’t close the cap tightly. But, hey it’s only cost Rp. 7000 – Rp. 11.000 if they upgrading the packaging it’ll be more expensice. Lol.

I bouhgt this eyeshadow one by one because i want to test it first. I like it or not. And I LOVE IT! I love the texture. I love the nice pigmentation even tho it’s not really pigmented in some color. But i really really love the formula. I find it really practical because you can just use your finger and dab it on your lid if you’re in hurry. And this product is really versatile because of it’s formula. You can use it for eyeliner, contour, brow wax, even for your lips.


Some of them look darker on the pan but when you swatch it it's quite opaque and it's buildable. You could dab it over and over again to get the pigmentation you want.

ungu, peach, ungu dark, coklat, hitam

Coklat (brown)

I bought this first because it’s a safe color. It’s a nice matte brown. And I really love it. The texture I creamy, not really creamy it’s a littttleeeeee stiff. Very little. It’s creamy but a little dry. Do you understand what I mean? Lol. Sometimes I use this to fill my brow but I have to mix it with black because it’s not a dark brown color. It’s like milk chocolate color if that make sense. 

left : 3X swipe right : 1X swipe

one swipe and blended

Ungu (purple)

I bought this right after I purchase my Red-A Lipstick 644. I’m trying to mix it with this eyeshadow to get a nice color. But it was kinda useless because it’s like the same color. It appear more pale on my lids for some reasons. But it’s actually a really nice color. It’s more lilac that a vivid royal purple. It’s a unique but sweet color. The consistency is similar with brown. This also has a matte formula.

left : 3X swipe right : 1X swipe

one swipe and blended

Hitam (black)

This one is the most creamy amongs them all. I don’t know why it comes really creamy and wet when it suppose to have the same consistency with brown and purple. It’s quite pigmented matte black. Not a jet black black but it’s still really nice and opaque. It’s really good for filling your lash line. You could use this as eyeliner but since it’s not waterproof or smudge proof so….yeah. But! This shade could be your best smokey base. 

left : 3X swipe right : 1X swipe

one swipe and blended


I fall in love with this shade at the first sight. It a really nice shimmer peachy color. Sometimes it appear more orange than peach but I still love it so much. I often use this for my daily looks because it’s really natural but still give you a nice glow.  The consistency is different from the matte one. It feels more stiff and dense and not wet or sticky like the others but it still have a nice pigmentation as you can see.

left : 3X swipe right : 1X swipe

one swipe and blended

Ungu Dark. (dark purple)

The name kinda bother me. Hahaha. Ungu means Purple in Indonesian. My point is why do they named it like that? It’s half English and half Indonesian. Because when I heard ungu dark or dark purple, royal purple kinda color will come out on my mind. To be really honest I have a right name for this one. Burgundy. It’s looks brown on the pan but actually it’s nice burgundy color. My camera didn't catch the burgudy-ish but in real life it's really nice.. It’s a burgundy with a brown undertone. Not too red or too purple. I really love this one. Because the color is really pretty. This shade has the same consistency as Peach.

left : 3X swipe right : 1X swipe

one swipe and blended

Overall thought

What I like

- cheap
- nice formula
- nice pigmentation
- versatile 
- buildable color

What I don’t really like

- fragile packaging

Overall score 


See you in my next post.