Thursday, 29 October 2015

Review : MAKARIZO Hair Energy Scentsation - Ocean Breeze


Hello Pretty Dolls
This is my first hair care review.
I’ve been using this product around for two months I guess.
And I really love it!
I saw the TVC few days ago and then it makes me really want to post this as soon as possible.

This is Makarizo Hair Energy Scentsation. It’s a hair fragrance basically.
But it has a UV protection. So it’s really good for us, tropical person.
You really do need this product in this time around.
Indonesia been really hot lately.
Not a smokin’ sexy hotness. But boiling hot! Almost literally. Like hell.

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This hair product gonna give a nice scent to your hair and protect it from UV damage.
What i feel about this product is, it is not make my hair silky smooth because it doesn’t mean for that.
But! I doesn’t dry out my hair.
I used this when I’m going around with my motorcycle and I’m wearing my helmet for a quite long time.
This product keeps my hair fragant even after a long journey with helmet. 

And, let me tell you something amazing.
I was spraying this fragarance after taking a bath and then I play around, doing chores and stuff.
Then I go to sleep and when I wake up, the scent it’s still there.
Because you know, sleeping makes you sweaty everywhere.
I thought the scent will be gone. But it’s not!
I feel fabolous when I wake up. Lol.
So, this fragrance is really long lasting.

This fragrance comes in two size. The big one is around 60ml? I’m not sure.  It was around double size of the mini one that I own.
I only have one problem with the packaging. 
There is a gap between the pump and the bottle.
So, sometimes I can't push it to spray. 
But It doesn't really bother me. 

I bought the mini one because it has a free limited edition holder.
They have two kind of scent. The other one was pink-orange colored it’s called “Flower Blossom” I guess.
I’m so sorry that I keep forgoting things.
I choose this “Ocean Breeze” scent because it smells really fresh and milder than the pink one.
The pink one has a warm kind of scent which I don’t like.
This mini size retail for around Rp. 12.000

Overall thought

What I Like
- long lasting
- doesn’t dry out my hair
- UV protect
- travel friendly

What I don’t like
- none





  1. Waaa, its a really good hair mist! Aku juga suka pakainya, tp favoritku yg cherry blossom :D
    Di kamu bisa long lasting ya, tp di aku cuma tahan beberapa jam aja, huhuhu padahal wanginya enak banget :(

    1. oiya cherry blossom namanya, iya di aku awet entah kenapa sih. hehehehe