Monday, 15 September 2014

REVIEW : GEO Xtra Sakura Brown

HELLO! Long time no see. I'm so sorry that i haven't post anything yet. I was busy since Eid Mubarak. There are a lot of product reviews waiting. My aunt bought me some mask pack, cc cream, powder, and mascara from Singapore. YAY! But, today I'll review my new circle lens.

I've addicted to circle lens since high school but i can't buy it back then. I don't want other student judge me, lol. Because back in 2009, colored contact lens is not so that popular. People will judge you when you wear it at school. And i got myopia on my second or third semester in uni. So, i decided to buy a lens instead of glasses. i find glasses a little inconvenient. I got myopia around 2010 and bought glasses around 2012. lol. Decided to buy glasses when to lazy to put lenses on.

My first lens was Omega, then i bought Geo Nudy Grey (it was so popular back then with Comi Xi as models. You could see her pic in every shop that sell Geo lenses), Freshlook Gleaming Green (cmiiw. i forgot) Geo Forest Grey, Geo Magic Circle Black, Geo Princess Mimi Sesame grey, Geo Tritone (Cheesy Berry) grey, that was all the lenses that i ever worn. 

As you can see, almost all of my lenses are grey colored. I really love grey lenses since i was a kid. I remember when i was a kid i saw magazines with lens commercial in it and i said to my self that i should bought grey lenses someday. Well, the real reason is... i've read some story about vampire (not twilight. some vampire stories from my childhood, urban legend, mangas) that described vampire's eyes are silver colored. And the closest color to silver is grey. Don't laught at me. lol.

And, now! I really want to try this Geo Xtra Sakura. Actually... i want to buy the grey one (again) but then I think i need to try another color. I'm not a fan of brown color because i think that brown color is close to natural but not so natural (get it?). It's boring imo. I keep reading some reviews and this color turn out pretty cute so i decided to buy. I bought this lenses from eyelovin
save and nice package

 they are really fast. and the always have voucher to redeem for special discount!

free case just like usual

Tbh, i keep thinking over and over again to buy this brown colored lens. But, I don't want to waste more time, my old lenses are dying lol. This is how it looks like

on my hand

on the case
 It looks more honey like color rather than brown. but it turn out coffee brown in my eyes. 
My eyes are dark brown almost black so it turn out unnatural because the pattern is just black circle with brown cirle inside. No lines, no stroke just a round circle. ugh. It's like i have problem with m y eyes. But, the more I wore it the more I get used by it's color. It's pretty. A lot of cosplayer used this lenses because of it's pattern. Anime-is.

natural ligting vs outdoor lighthing

The diameter of this lens are 15mm (quite big) and the water content is 42%. It'a quite comfortable just as comfy as Geo Princess Mimi if you ever try. I avoid wearing lenses more than 5 hours. I put them off immediately after go home from study or going out. I have no problem with this lenses.



Selfie time. Lol. It's looks nice in this picture. Don't look at my pimples. It was around my period so my skin are getting bad and dry. 

See you next post! ASAP!


  1. hello you have a really nice page. ^^
    Do you lust for f4f?
    would be happy.
    love greetings Sümi

  2. hi I'm sorry for late reply. of course. it would be nice. :) i've follow you. :)

  3. Kamu bagus loh pakai lens warna ini ^^
    Menurutmu seri ini lebih bagus mana brown sama gray? Aku sebenernya pengen gray tapi takut keliatan ga natural..
    Nice review! :)

    1. makasihhh. ^^
      iya aku awalnya juga pengen grey krna g biasa pke coklat. tpi klo dipikir pikir kalo grey tar kaya katarak lg. hehehe. tp mgkin bagus yaaa. :)