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My Top 3 Favorite Beauty Youtubers (and 3 more channel you should check!)

How's life going? 

Today's post gonna be a quick chit chat style (?)
Because actually I haven't prepare anything to write 
But i can't sleep so yeah.
Here I am.

I'm gonna introduce you to my 3 Favorite  Beauty Youtubers..
Actually I've watch a lot beauty channel on Youtube but no other i feel obssesed with like this . 
And I watch some Youtuber in past and I was obsessed with them her but now not anymore.
So this is why i just share 3  (and extra 3) with you guys.

1. KathleenLights

Youtube : KathleenLights
Instagram : @kathleenlights

I'm totally obsessed with this girl!! Like really really obsessed. 
I watch her videos everyday.
I downloaded a bunch of her videos and watch it every single time i have spare time.
Like yesterday, I am waiting break fast time while rewatching aaalll of her videos i have
And streaming some more. Lol.

She is genuine, honest, sweetheart, and a little bit crazy but fun girl.
She give honest review about a product. 
If it's bad she said it's bad
If it expensive she'll said "girl, das expensive" it's her catchphrase when saying something expensive.
She will always give you alternative of expensive things with a cheaper version of it that has the same quality.
Her makeup skill is amazing. It's neat and perfect.
Some people said she keep playing safe and repeating some looks.
Because mostly, her makeup tutorial and makeup looks is warn and neutral kind of makeup.
But hey! I DON'T MIND.
I need a lot of varieties of natural makeup anyway.
I'm not gonna going festive on my daily basis.
She still have a lot of colorful makeup looks. 
And they're amazing! 
She also have a good sense of humor. Her bloopers always gets me.
I fall in love with her when i was looking for Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadow review.
I found her video, downloaded it without watching it first. 
Then when i watch it... I FALL IN LOVE!
She is seriously my girl crush.
Oh almost forgot. She collaborate with Colourpop to create her own
Lippie Stix and Eyeshadow Set.
The Lippie Stix is Lumiere
And the eyeshadow set is Where The Lights Is
And theeeey are amazing.
I want them so bad. But I'm still waiting Colourpop to ship worldwide.
So the price is not gonna far from the real price. lol.
Oh no, i talk a lot. so here some of here videos! You should check them out!

The Colourpop review that make me fall in love


Where The Lights Is (lol that face)

My Favorite Tutorials


2. PONY 

Instagram : @ponysmakeup

Most of beauty blogger must be knew her already
She is a really famous Korean makeup artist.
Her real name is Park Hyemin and she is Korean.
She was an ulzzang, Ulzzang means "best face" in Korean.
Ulzzang gets their popularity on the internet (or real life) because they have a pretty or handsome face.
Some of ulzzang become idols or actors or actresses.
That was quick explanation of Ulzzang guys.
I discover her when I was searching "Ulzzang makeup" on Google and her tutorial will appear a lot!
Then, I found that she is part of InsiteTV Channel. 
She have her own series of makeup tutorial called "Pony's Beauty Diary"
And her tutorial areeeee amaaazing!!
Everyone who are obsessed with korean beauty must watch her beauty diary.
Now she has her own beauty channel and you should check the out too.
I've listed everything on top. Just click and you linked to her channel.
Her makeup are mostly soft and natural. But it really emphasize your beauty.
Just like how korean idols and actresses do their makeup.
Her explanation is really clear and she also give you tips and trick of korean makeup.
I really like how she have so many tricks to do her makeup. 
And she always catch up with newest korean makeup collection.
So if you're into korean makeup. Go check her out and you'll obsessed.
Well, at least I am. hahaha

Ulzzang makeup

This one is really beautiful!

Etude Play 101 Pencil

from her own channel

3. Daddoa

Youtube : Daddoa 다또아
 Instagram : @daddoa

 I find her channel when I was wandering around Youtube looking for Korean tutorial.
And of course, once again I love her tutorial.
Similar with Pony, she is also Korean.
Her name is Lee Da Sol 
She is actually a new Youtuber. 
She started her channel arounf 10 months ago.
I love her makeup because it's fresh, light and practical.
Actually she is really similar with Pony 
but Pony videos mostly recorded in studios with high end cameras
While Daddoa is just like any other youtuber. In her room.
But it doesn't mean her video quality is bad. 
It's pretty good. And she explain things really well too.
I love her voice and the way she talk. 
She is cute but not in a annoying way.
Somehow i can relate to her.
Most of her tutorial are really wearable for daily basis.
That's why i love it.
And I just found out the She was born in 1996.
Dang, so young and already success. 


The student makeup are interesting

Channeling Hyuna's Red lips

 Why do i list them as bonuses? Because i didn't really check their channel. 
The 3 above are the channels that I always check first whenever I go to Youtube.
This 3 has amazing makeup tutorial also but I didn't really check them every single time.


Youtube: Lamuqe
Instagram:   @lamuqe
Another Korean beauty mentor.
She is more similar to Pony than Daddoa. 
She also have her own beauty diary on her channel.


Youtube : Kaushal Beauty
Instagram : @kaush_m

She is Hindi Beauty Youtuber.
Her makeup skill is great. I love her makeup.
She has a great contouring skill.
Her Kylie Jenner Tutorial surprise me.


Youtube: MakeupWearables Hairstyle
Instagram : @mwhairstyle

Not a makeup focused but hairstyle. 
Her tutorial are seriously AMAZING!
You'll find every kind of hairstyle you want with a clear explanation!
I go there whenever I need a new hairstyle for special occasions 

Oh, forgot to say. All the Korean Youtuber I've listed above, they all have Eng Sub. So don't worry.
Go check them all. They're all amazing!!

See you in my next post. XOXO


  1. asik ada tambahan idola di youtube ;)

    1. yay!! go go check! :D
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  2. KATHLEEN LIGHTS IS MY NUMBER 1 GIRL CRUSH ON YOUTUBE! \O/ I really like the way she says 'dass expensive' haha. I discovered Daddoa a while ago and couldn't stop watching her video! She's very 예쁜!

    xx ieyra |

    1. ME TOOO!! I can't stop watching kathleen and always exited when she upload new video. and yesss Daddoa is so addictive. she is very cute. ><

  3. Pony is on of my favorite youtuber >w< <3

    You're blog is really nice!
    Maybe we can follow and support each other :D
    My blog:

    1. yeah! she is amazing.

      i've followed you. :D thank you for visiting