Sunday, 9 August 2015

My After Eid Haul

Long time no seee!
I'm really sorry that I haven't post anything for almost a month i guess.
I've been busy with graduation thing and Eid Mubarak. 

Why do I named this After Eid Haul?
Becauseeee obviously I bought this, ugh not all of them, after Eid.
Don't get me wrong, I bought half of them for my graduation day since I do my own makeup.
And also my Aunt give me all the skincare here.
Some of them are preloved. 
Because my aunt have a really sensitive skin, 
When the skin care or makeup didn't suit her skin.
She will give it to me.
So mostly they are all contain 90% of the product.

And, last month I met Dita, from Beauty Doodle
Aaand, i bought some things.
Only 3.
Dita do splurge a lot. LOL.
And I'm here waiting for her to review all of them. *wink*

So here are what my haul. This actually the biggest haul I ever got.
Thanks to my aunty. lol

First here is what I got from my lovely aunty.

 Olivella Nourishment Cream
Olivella Contour Eye Cream
Olivella Beauty Soap
Olivella Lip Roll-On
Bunch of Olivella sample.
and Tony Moly Egg Pore Thightening Pack.
 And one more thing that I forgot to include in that pic.
It's MAC Lightful Foundation Sample Size in NC30
I'll give a mini review here. NC30 matches well with the skin of the back of hand.
It's a little bit lighter for my face. 
I used them to set my foundation on my graduation ceremenoy.
My foundation was Kryolan Supracolor which could be creasing like crazy.
And this powder set them really nicely. 
My makeup didn't crease at all and i was amazed. 
It's soft and smooth. 
Doesn't accentuate my pore at all. 
As expected... 
It's actually full when my aunt give me. But I hit pan already. 
Because 2 days before the graduation I used them to tested it out.
I used it with two different foundation. 
That's why it takes two days.
And I do my friend graduation makeup too using this.


This is what I bought after Eid. 
These are all for my graduation ceremony.

EOS Cat Eyes in grey lenses.
Implora Eyebrow pencil in Brown 
SILKYGIRL Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner
Kelly Lashes 
UBU (Urban Beauty United) Eyemazing Tapered Blending Brush
Tammia Crease Brush
Aand a necklace. I know it's not a beauty related I'm sorry my bad.

Half of this products are bought when I met Dita.
And the other half I bought in a convenient store near my dorm.
Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lipstick
Innisfree It's Real Squueze Mask Green Tea
SNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask
Viva Eye Base Gel
Viva Fin Touch Blush No. 4
Pixy Waterproof Mascara

 So yeah guys that's all my haul. 
I'll review the mascara, lipstick, mask and lenses very soon. 
And I'll reviewing the skincare a month from now on.
Because I want to try them more and tell you how I really feel.

Oh yeah thank you Dita for coming here to the west. LOL.
Dealing traffic and my awkwardness.


  1. Whoa, that's a big haul! I wish there are more Pixy products available here in my country! Really like their makeup remover and compact powder! Btw, Congratulation on your graduation! :)

    ieyra |

    1. my first big haul.. and i guess this is my last big haul too. lol.
      aww i hope so. and yes i love their makeup remover too.
      thank youuuu :*