Saturday, 17 October 2015

My Apology and more...

Hello Pretty Dolls,
Actually I don't even need to write this.
It's not like I have a million follower anyway.
But it's more like an apology and promise to myself.

I'm so sorry that I haven't posting anything since like foreverrr.
Because life happen. 
In the last update i was saying I'm gonna start my job.
Bu now I quit alredy.
And I've been busy applying job here and there.
Getting my license and more things.
AND THE WORST, I have no internet. 
Like, the signal here is really really sucks.
I can'e even open Facebook.
My phone broken and the only phone I have is a very old android.
It can't even install so many apps because it's too old.

But, now. I'm getting my wifi back.
Not my wifi technically. 
But it's my campus wifi
I'm browsing in the middle of the night in campus.

And when I get everything ready I have a lot of things to post.
The Olivella review, Sariayu event report, many other review and food's review.
Because like I wrote on the tittle of this blog
"love hate relationship between makeup, foods, and my wallet.
But, this won't be like a cafe-or-restaurant-only reviews
but also street food and food and snacks from convenience store. 
Hope you guys will enjoy them in the future.

So, again I'm so sorry and I promise I'll do better in the future.
See you in my next post. ASAP


  1. hehe. welcome back!! i've been slaking on writing my posts too lately but mainly it's because i'm running out of ideas and need some time to think and refresh! :D Fighting Redha!!

    ieyra h. | blog