Monday, 25 January 2016


So, today i want to share with you guys the products I regret buying in 2015.
Mostly because of their formula didn’t work for me. And actually most of them are things a love at first but then it didn’t work like I expected or it just didn’t work for me.
Let’s just jump it in!

1.       Maybelline Dream Matte mousse.

What??? So many people love this!!
I know right. It’s good, it’s matte it covers.
But, this foundation  emphasized my pores. I don’t know how or why. Even when I already wear a base. It’s filled my pores and emphasize it. It looks even worst on photograph. 

And the other thing is when I try to blend and buff this foundation on my skin, it crumbles. 

And it need more time to blend it nicely. I was so in love with this foundation at first but then I notice that it emphasized my pores and I’m sad. Like seriously, I want this foundation since so long because once I tried it on my hand, when I go to Maybelline section in Matahri dept. store, I freaking love it. But yeah… maybe my pores is too big. Because I used this foundation to do my friends makeup and she looks completely perfect. So it’s actually my skin, not the product.

2.       Red-A Translucent Liquid Foundation

Just same with Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, I love this at first. Because it’s translucent and it’s super cheap.

 But this foundation so easily melted. Just a splash of your sweat and we’re done. It will melt and give you white patchy-ness on you skin. 

And sometimes it’s a little bit hard to blend. As you can see in the pictures, it leaves a white strike, I’m not even use brush. You need to rub/buff this longer than usual. I hope Red-A will changes the formula so it won’t melt easily. It’s okay if this got a liltte more expensive but better quality. Or they better come out with BB cream.

3.       Red-A Lip Balm in Grape

Another Red-A products. I’m not hating Red-A. I love the brand. They are my favorite. 

This just didn’t work for me. I have super dry lips and this just can’t cure it. It has tiny little glitters in it but it won’t show up on your lips. 

Don’t worry. And they smell super nice. I love it. But it just won’t cure my dry lips. If you already have a moist lips and you want to keep it that way, this product is for you. If have super dry lips, or your lips are easily dry. This is not for you girls. It’s my lips mistake not the product. 
If you gonna ask me "if you don't like it, then why in that picture it looks like it almost hit pan?"
because i use it as mixture in a DIY tinted lip balm, and I used it as liquid lipstick remover. 
Just apply the balm over you liquid lipstick rub with your finger and then remove them with you regular cleanser. and bye bye.

4.       Oriflame Very Me Click It Eyeliner

This is the only Oriflame eye liners I ever tried. Actually this product is really good. It has a good staying power, pigmented, dries matte, didn’t smudge, flexible brush. 

But I don’t know why but it think I’m allergic to it. It stings my lids, not super hurting but I feels a little of stingy sensations in my lids. And when I removed it I can see my lid is getting red. So, I think I'm allergic.

5.       Shinzu’I Skin Lightening Soap Anti Acne Facial Wash

I bought this in the ned of 2015. The packaging is super nice. It has pump. And if you rotate the pump to the left it will lock. 

So if you gonna bring this to travel it won’t jacked up and mess your pouch. They smells really nice and has tiny little scrub.

But, the didn’t cure my acnes. Before, during, and after period, my skin will acting up and I’ll got some pimples. Usually few days after period, they will disappear. But it doesn’t. My pimples is still here from the past perion to current month period. And the only skincare that I change in my routine is my face wash. Sadly this anti acne facial wash can’t help remove my acne.

So, that’s all guys.
We all have different skin type and conditions. Every single product I mention here are worth to try. And I’m not hating on them. I just share you honest opinion. Most of them are my favorite brand. Makeup and skincare that suit for you must go through trial and errors, hit or miss. And this is a miss for me.

See you in my next post


  1. Eyeliner Oriflame itu malah bikin pedih di mataku loh. ._.

    1. iya aku juga, tp perih di kelopak tempat aku oles eyelinernya. merah gitu jadinya. kaya alergi.

      Thank you for visiting. :D

  2. yang Maybelline juga sama, nyesel aku belinya. Ngga banget dari tekstur, hasil, dan staying power :(((

    1. iya, paling gak asik tu poriku jd keliatan bgt. +_+
      thanks for visiting :D

  3. nice =)

  4. yang balm red a aku juga tuh persis punya yang anggur juga, bener-bener gak keliatan kinerjanya kalo di aku

  5. Wah aku barusan beli shinzuinya hahaha... Tapi seingetku ya, emang gak bisa ngandalin facial foam buat jerawat sih, secara mereka cuma bersihin wajah aja gitu, aku lebih andalin serum kalau buat jerawat hehehe

    1. hehehe iya kurang nulis. biasanya aku pake facial wash apapun ga masalah. kulitku bukan yg jerawatan parah. cm jerawat PMS aja. biasanya kalo udah selesai menstruasinya tu ilang. tapi sejak ganti shinzui ini gak ilang ilang dari pms bulan lalu sampe bulan ini. sekarang pake facial wash lain ilang sih. karena ga ada skincare yg aku ganti selain facial washnya. gitu kak
      thank you for visiting. :D

    2. Oh gitu, wah gawat nih, aku juga tipe yang jerawatan kalau lagi dapet aja, atau pas salah produk skincare, moga2 cocok di aku T^T abisnya aku keburu beli 2 karena lagi diskonan #ibu2 #maafkanlah