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L.A.Girls Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss - INSTINCT

First of all i want to say
Because, it's not your job to judge others. God already have staff for it. 
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Okay now! 
So today, I'm gonna give you a review of this
L.A.Girls Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss in INSTINCT.

When L.A. Girls released this collection I'm literally going crazy because when it's L.A. Girls then it's about beauty in budget. This matte liquid lipstick retail only $5. And so many online shop in Indonesia sell it for around Rp. 75.000 - Rp. 85.000. I was preparing my budget to buy it.
 But then! When i was hanging out with my friends at Supermall Pakuwon Indah, i visited DIVA CRESENT store. And i saw this side by side with L.A. Girls Glazed Lip Paint. I'm asking the staff how much they cost. And their answer quite surprise me. It's only Rp. 55.000 fot this matte pigment gloss and for glazed lip paint it's only Rp. 50.000.
 No i'm not kidding. 
The price is really really close to the real price in $. I was thinking to buy it on not but i was in a bad mood so i decided to buy it to brighten my day. hahahahahhahahahahaha. Don't ever visit a makeup store when you're bad mood. Because you just gonna commit lot of sins. LOL. Anyway i haven't buy the Glazed Lip Paint because... well... I'll buy it later. I guess.

Okay sorry about the long talk. So, L.A.Girls Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss packaging is made from really thick clear plastic (i'm pretty sure it's not a glass material). You could see the color and i love clear packaging because really could see when it's run out. 

I really really love the applicator. It's better than Sleek Matte Me one because Sleek sponge aplicator was really long and it's make me kinda hard to apply. But maybe i'm just bad at it. This L.A.Girls Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss sponge applicator is flat and normal i guess. Just like any other gloss or tint applicator. I get used to this kind of applicator so i guess that's why i prefer this. And i don't know why, but this didn't create any mess in the wand. If you already read my Sleek Matte Me review, i've mention that i don't like it because it's kinda mess on the want, like you got all you product all over it. And the applicator of this Matte Pigment Gloss bring just perfect amount of the products. Unlike Sleek Matte Me applicator that bring too much product to apply on your lips. But maybe it's just me guys. 

When i saw the pic of this product on some online shop i really thought that the bottle gonna be kinda small. But it's not. It's the same size of Sleek Matte Me

Comparison with my hand (keep scrolling if you think this is unimportant. lol)


Swatch on my hand

As you can see, INSTINCT is orange color. It's just straight orange. I was think that this is brick red or orange red when first i saw it on the packaging. But it turn out pure beautiful bright orange. Sure it has a little red to it. But it's orange, i've check it on wikipedia shades of orange. lol.

L.A.Girls Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss have a similar texture with Sleek, but it's more tacky. And it's dries a little longer and slower that Sleek. It's either bad or good because you could fix any mistakes before it dries out. And the best thing, you could create gradation lips look with this. 
What a little bother me is this product stay tacky all day. It's not completely dries like paper or like Sleek one. It's stay tacky and you could feel the tackiness when put your lips together. This product smell like paint. But, you're not gonna smell it when you apply it on your lips. You just gonna smell it when you sniff the wand. So, it doesn.'t bother me at all.


I'm kinda amazed by the staying power. This matte pigment gloss stay i a pretty long time. Rather than flaked, it's fade away in pretty way because it leave stain on my lips. It really do leave stain on your lips prettily. I ate pizza at lunch during this staying power test. So it was like messy messy here and there. But it's not flaked and show my real lips color. It's fade in pretty way. As you can see at 13:24 it looks flaked but to be honest you can't really tell it in real life. And as times goes by it fading in good way. I LOVE IT.
I didn't do any "lip balm underneath" because this product didn't dry out my lips. As i already said, it leave tacky feels and i guess it's come from moisture. 
You could compare this with mt Sleek Matte Me review here since i always mention it from the beginning because Sleek is the only matte liquid lipstick i own. hehehe.

oh, i almost forgot. You could order from DIVA CRESENT by visiting their website or Instagram. Or, just like me you could visit their store at Supermall Pakuwon Indah.



- Amazing staying power
- Pigmented
- Good applicator
- No flavor
- Stain!


- Tacky
- Smell like paint




I guess it''s a yes! I want to try REBEL, BLACKCURRANT and FLEUR.

Here is how it looks. Sorry if there are too many pic. 
Gradation give cute and natural looks.

Full lips give you sexy and flirty look. I love both of it. Gradation for daily and full is when you want to steal the show. haha.

 Please ignore my silly face and my chubby hand



  1. Belinya di Supermall Pakuwon Indah Surabaya bukan sih?
    Ga seberapa suka lip paint sih. Tapi keren juga pigmentasinya..

    1. iyah SPI Surabaya. :D aku jg sebenernya cuman karna ini murah akhirnya penasaran. :D

    2. tokonya sebelah mana say? Kapan-kapan mau mampir juga :D

    3. aku lupa lantae berapa. ada di sampingnya golden jade, sederet ama sour sally dan japan shop. ada hdi deretan situ. hehehe.

  2. loh di surabaya ada? :O maaauuu

    1. iyah adaaa. aku jg baru liat dan lgsung beli. :D hayuk hayuk

  3. bagus banget ya di bibir ihhh jadi mau deh heheh

  4. Liquid lipsticks are on the trend now and it's awesome how so many drugstore brands are upping their game! :D Sooooo lucky you guys have LA girls in Indonesia! I really want to try out their concealer! ;D

    - ieyra | babysoulz

    1. thank you for visiting. ^^
      yes. it's really hype and i just want to try them all. hehehe. me too. their concealer seems promising. there are a lot of beauty blogger and beauty youtuber crazy over it. :D

  5. hai redha, salam kenal. tinggal di surabaya juga??
    wah ternyata ada toko yang jual yaaa... tiwas aku cari2 sampai bosen di instagramm.. makasih infonyaa redhaaa..
    btw di SPI waktu redha beli, shade nya ada komplit?
    thank you...

    1. Hai, makasih udah mampir. Iyah tinggal di surabaya. :D
      hahaha aku jg awalnya mau beli di instagram tp pas ke SPI ternyata ada.
      shadenya gak lengkap, mereka sepertinya sistemnya (dari yg aku tau setelah dua kali mampir), mereka purchase beberapa shade dg jumlah sekian, lalu pas habis mereka restock dg nambah shade lain. sepertinya begitu. :D hehehe You're welcome

  6. di SPI ada concealernya jg nggak? makasih ^^

    1. haloo, dulu ada concealernya. Sayangya, sekarang mereka gak jual kosmetik lg di counternya kecuali Mizzu. LA Girl dan lainnya juga udah ga ada di store. Tapi, tools kaya kuasm beauty blender dll masih ada. Kosmetik harus order online kayanya. :D

      Makasih udah berkunjung

  7. Hasilnya sadis mba! keren! Tapi aku dari dulu malah ngidam Sleek, si LA ini cracky gitu di aku

    Follow balik blogku ya mba ^^

    makasih ...

    1. Sleek malah formulanya lebih kering dari ini sebenernya. :D

      sudah aku follow balik, thank you sudah follow :D