Thursday, 30 April 2015

REVIEW : Sleek Matte Me Fandango Purple

Hello pretty dolls!!

I'm sorry I didn't posted anything in 2 weeks.
There a lot of things happens, my friend got chicken pox so i need to take care of her. 
And I was kinda busy with graduation stuff.
Today's review is gonna be my newest holy grail~~~

I got this Sleek Matte Me from Makeuptoolshop (click to visit their website) @makeuptoolshop (click to visit their instagram)
They hold a giveaway and luckily I'm one of the winners. I choose Fandango Purple because I really want this certain color of lipstick since my friend show me Lime Crime Velvetines in Utopia. But who gonna buy that?? Not me. It's too pricey for me. But people who are having their own income and well,'s not pricey, I guess. So, when they announce the winners I was really really happy and hype. I thought i have no luck anymore. Hehehe.
This product's price is around Rp. 120.000 - Rp. 150.000, depends on the online shop.

Another thing that surprise me is, the packaging came so fast. I was send my addres on Friday and it came on Monday. I know that JNE shipping supposed to be 3 days but they usually late. What kind of sorcery is this?? I saw a lot of testimonial on @makeuptoolshop instagram that their packaging come fast, so please kindly check their instagram and website. They sell a lot of cool makeup tools, brush tree, and makeups. 
They didn't sponsored me or payed me to so this. I just feel satisfied with everything. And i guess as a beauty blogger it's my job to share a lot of good things with you guys.

 First impression to Sleek Matte Me packaging is "It's sleek" and nice. It has clear tube with "Matte Me Ultra smooth matte lip cream" written in it and  "Sleek Makeup" glossy emboss on the black matte cap. It's so nice yet simple but doesn't looks cheap. Sleek.

On the back side of the bottle you can see black sticker that show you the shade, their website and barcode.

As you can see there is a "Peel Here" sign, when you peel it you gonna find the ingredients

And last at the bottom side 

This is how it looks like when you open the screw type cap. At first it was really neat and clean. But i don't know why when i put the wand back in the bottle it kinda make a mess. I don't know if it was the wand design or the tip of the bottle i don't know but as long as it didn't leak everywhere, I'm fine with it. It's a good packaging.

This the other thing that i didn't like at the first, the applicator. It's doe foot but it's straight, if that make sende. It's just straight. Not like any other doe foot applicator which have a diagonal tip. This one is straight, like stick. I find it kinda hard to apply on my lips with this kind of applicator, i can't reach the corner of my lips and it's takes out too much product which in my opinion this one of the reason why it's mess when i put it back to the bottle. But now i get used to it. All you need is practice. And the straight applicator has it own benefit. It could be like a lip pencil, you could line your lips first with it and then filling it.


This is how it's looks like on my hand. It was creamy at first but then it dries really matte. No shine at all. the right swatch is when it's just applied and the left one is after around 30 seconds. And it's really opaque at first swipe and it didn't patchy at all, you don't need to reapply to build it up . The pigmentation is really great.
Fandango Purple is orchid purple/pink.



It stays pretty good time. And actually i eat soup and wet dessert for lunch so i guess it's why it's fade like that. And actually it didn't smear anywhere when it dry, I've did a tissue test.

Sorry if my eyes creep you out. And the result was good. It didn't leave any stain on the tissue.

I  really love how it turn out on my lips. A very beautiful velvety matte. But, there is a thing that bother me or maybe it's just me because it's my first matte liquid lipstick that dries this matte. I have one matte lipstick but it's still creamy. This one is really dry, it kinda feel tight on my lips. I feel a little bit comfortable so i decided to make an experiment. I put lip balm before i applied this lip cream and this is how it turn out

 With lipbalm underneat i become a little creamy and comfortable but it still has a dry matte finish and didn't smear everywhere.


As you can see it  didn't fade a lot at 13:30(after lunch) because i eat dry food. But, the staying power going weaker than without balm. It's fade more at 17:30.

So, the conclusion is they stays pretty good time. 5-7 hours. And it's more comfortable to put balm underneat especially for you who have a dry lips. I do recommend to exfoliate your lips and put lip balm on.
The other good thing is this lips cream doesn't have any scent. No scent at all and no flavor. So it's suitable for everyone.



- Nice matte finish
- Pigmented
- Pretty color
- No scent
-No flavor
- Good staying power


- May dries up my lips
- A little bit uncomfortable on the lips



Hahahaha, I DON"T KNOW. I want to try the other colors but please buy me. lol

BONUS: (please don't puke)



  1. I was joined that giveaway too but I'm not lucky haha! I wanna try birthday suit, if only they have dark red or dark purple shade I definitely will buy that.
    Also it's shelf life is 3 years after opened, so much better than La Splash which is only 3 months.
    It's looks so good on you! I never dare wear that kind of color.

    1. ah really? :D i want to try party pink and birthday suit too! yeah they are all very vibrant color.
      eh, i din't know that La Splash life span is that short.
      Thank you so much. :D

  2. Aaaaa that is suuuuper beautiful colour and because I saw how beautiful you are in the photos posted on IBB, I clicked the link and check!!! The colour matches your skin and facial feature perfectly and how the matte texture looks sooo perfect and that lip! I'm not not not into matte lip product which is literally matte to chalky but I have friends who really are into this kinda lip product!! I'm gonna share your link to them!!! ^_^

    Have a good day!
    Sherry from ♕ SheemaSherry ♕ blog (

    1. thank you so much you're very kind. this is my first kind of dry matte lipstick too. hehehe
      thank youuuu :D

  3. duh warnanya cakep bangettttt heheheh

  4. Looks nice on you ^^.
    But personally i dont like This type, because it will be drier when you at indoor and full with AC. I dont like when see someone, lets say like SPG at the mall use something matte and flaked.
    Just IMO :P

    Btw , Main ke blog daku yooOoo :D

    1. hahahaha. thank you. yeah it's easily flaked and dries up your lips. that's why i recommend to aplly balm before it. and well, i don't mind to touch up sih. hahahaha.

  5. sering banyak dengar tentang matte me lipcream ini jadi mau coba hihihi ^^