Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My Graduation Makeup

First of all.
This is not a tutorial.
There is a tutorial but not by me. 
Hello pretty dolls.
Today I just want to share you about my graduation makeup.
I was trying 3 looks. But today I'll just share 2 looks.
Because, the first one was a fail..

This first look, I was redoing Kathleenlights tutorial.
Berry tones makeup

I really looove this look. So I really want to copy it.
this is the result.

i didn't notice my lashes
It didn't really look alike but I think it's not bad. heheheu.
I love how it turn out.
I but didn't satisfied.
I feel like something is missing and i try another look.

So, I'm looking on my makeup videos folder.
And I found a party looks done by Kaushal Beauty.

And again I'm trying this look but It didn't turn out similar again.
But now, I really LOOOOOOVE it.

I didn't wear any lashes in that picture.
And I'm using a nude liptick.
I actually, rarely..like very very rarely wearing nude lipstick.
I just hate how it looks on me,
After that I'm putting some lashes and changing my lipstick to red.

This looks is the one that I wear on my graduation.
Red lips is just soo mee.
That's why I choose this color.
But I do change my eyelashes.
I didn't take a lot of picture. 
Because it was too crowded and it's really hard to take some picture.

Product I used in this looks are mostly from NYX Dark Crimson Palette.
The purple lipstick was Wet 'n Wild Megalas in Sugar Plum Fairy.
The red one was Revlon Matte Lipstick in Real Red.
Eyelashes is Yukkiyuna in Pure.
Glitter was I forgot the brand, it was Lignea or something.

You can follow the tutorial to get the exact same looks.


  1. Asyikkk buat contekan make-up wisuda tahun depan :D