Friday, 6 November 2015

Natural Fresh Makeup Tutorial (Indonesian Brand)

Hello Pretty Dolls

So, I made a tutorial video on this look

Everything is natural.
And fresh with peachy colors.
I love to do this makeup when I feel a little bit lazy.
because it's not heavy or too overwhelming kinda makeup.
It's light and fresh.
It's actually a little bit dewy. But it didn't really show in the picture.
You can see it in the video that it has a little bit of glow.

List of Product I'm using
Viva Rose Water (I move it to spray bottle)
Sariayu Pelembab Jeruk (Moisturizer)
Sariayu Alas Bedak in Kuning Gading (Foundation)
Viva Eyeshadow Cream in Coklat (Brown)
Viva Eyeshadow Cream in Peach
Mizzu Eyeliner Pen in Black
Pixy Waterproof Mascara in Black
Viva Fin Touch Blush No. 4
Sariayu Bedak Tabur in Kuning Langsat (Loose Powder)
And actually I did my eyebrow off camera. and I'm using
Implora Brow Pencil

 You don't have to use the same exact product for this looks.
You can use anything freely.
I just feel like my first video have to all Indonesian brand.
And the foundation is actually crease on my under eye area.
So if you interested on that foundation please make sure to set it with powder.

I'm mixing foundation and moisturizer to create a natural finish on my skin.
Don't worry to spray your face with rose water. 
It won't melt your makeup.
After some minute it will dried and won't leave any tacky feeling.

 The eye  makeup is really natural with brown and peachy color.
I put my eyeliner really close to my lashline.

The lipstick I'm Using is Red-A 626 (review here)
It looks dark on the bullet but it's actually not.
I really love it for natural look.
It gives a subtle color so I didn't look pale.

If you asking why i put my powder last, because powder to me is like a corrector.
So, it minimize my blusher color. And any uneven application of my makeup.

Please forgive my sloppyness. 
And please excuse every single mess in that video. T.T
Will do better next time.

Please enjoy my tutorial


  1. hai kaaa~ sudah lama gak ngepost? hihi aku balik ngeblog lagi dan ganti nama blog xD

    1. oiya bener. baru sadar aku.
      iya lama gak post nih. ribeet hehehe

  2. redhaaaaa, kamu beli mizzu pen eyeliner nya dimana? mauuuu