Saturday, 26 March 2016

Pantene 3 Minutes Miracle Conditioner Hair Fall Control Review

Hello Pretty Dolls.
I think I've became more and more lazy nowadays.
As usual...
Today I'm gonna share you about this amazing conditioner.

So, I got this conditioner from (click to find out)
This is my second freebies from them.
When first I got this I was like, "Uhm, nice I run out my conditioner"
The first thing I love from this conditioner is the packaging.
It's gold with pink accent tube. 
The tube size is pretty normal.
But it only contains 70ml of product.
The gold is super shiny I'm having hard time taking a picture of this because it keep flashing back.
The consistency is just like any other conditioner,
It's thick and creamy.
This smells so good. 
Later I find out that it's the same smell from the other Pantene hair fall series.
But I really like it. It smells like candy.

So, I tried this conditioner right after I dye my hair to pink.
And my hair became really dry after the dyeing process.
And this conditioner cure my hair really well.
As you can see down bellow 
The after pic is taken 2 weeks after using Pantene 3 Minutes Miracle Conditioner.
This conditioner claim  to makes your hair smoother and shinier,
It did!
But for helping my hair fall,
I don't know, I think you need to use all the anti hair fall series.
The name is 3 minutes miracle, but they didn't write how long I should leave it on my hair before rinse.
But it doesn't matter.
I leave it for quite long time. Around 5 minute.

What I like

Smells so good
Pretty packaging
It makes my hair smoother and shinier

What I don't really like
  70 ml only 
(I'm the type of girl who run out conditioner first then shampoo)


See you in my next revieeeeewwww

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