Friday, 10 April 2015

REVIEW: PIXY BB Cream Bright Fix and PIXY Pure Finish Compact Powder

Please excuse my capslock because i'm too exited that 'm back here!! hahaha
So today i'm gonna give you my newest makeup crush.
It's PIXY BB Cream Bright Fit and PIXY Pure Finish Compact Powder.
These two are really really really really great combo! I knew this product from their commercial and i want to try it since then. And then i read a review of this product and it have a very good review which make me more more more want to try this.
As soon as i have the money (pffftt) i just go to Hypermart and check the price out and swatch them. LOL. Because i'm gonna buy them at the mini market near my dorm, their price usually lower than any other store. Hahaha. they have 3 shades for their BB Cream that are Ochre, Cream, and Beige (Ocher is the lightest and Beige is the darkest). I'm not sure about the shades of the Pure Finish compact powder, i tried to visit their web but i don't know why it just not gonna load. But when i visit their section at Hypermart the also have 3 shades Pink Beige, Cream and Beige.
I choose Cream shade. Tbh, i really struggling choosing between Cream and Beige. I used PIXY stick foundation in shades Beige. But this BB cream is really light even the Beige that they claim to be the darkest, it's still light for me. I mean light in my eyes not too light on my skin, got it? hahaha

This BB cream comes in a very cute and pretty box like this. I really like the pink color and the flowers lace decoration. it's really cute. I this this is the cutest local brand makeup i ever seeen.

The ingredients. 

I guess they forgot to add "do not eat" hehehehe. 

As you can see they claim that this product can stay bright and no dullness for 12 hours because they feature Smart-Lock Powder . They also have SPF30/PA+++ for ultimate protection towards UVA and UVB, Natural Whitening Extract & VItamin C Derivate, as whitening agent. Clinnically tested and non comedogenic.  Sounds amazing aren't they.

When you open the box you'll find the actual BB cream that have a tube packaging. The tube have the opposite color from the box. It's white with pink flower lace. Still the cutest packaging.

The tip

I really like the tip because it's mine shaft shaped and it's way more hygienic and doesn't make any mess.


The compact powder also comes with a box like this. It has similar design with the BB cream's box.

The actual powder packaging is round shaped with pink color and flower lace decoration. It's so pretty and have a princess-y feels.

They have small mirror inside. And the have a plastic cover. Sorry about the mess. I've been using it for about a month and i didn't throw the plastic cover to prevent messy mirror.

You could lift the powder pan and find a sponge container like this. I really love double packaging like this because it prevent the sponge tho get messy.

The sponge is really soft. Me likey!



click to zoom

As you can see this BB cream have a very good coverage. It cover my dark spots. The Powder also have a really great texture and coverage. They are really really means for each other. hahahahahah. Such a great combo. I really like how the BB cream feel on my skin. It's not heavy, but not "not heavy at all" just not heavy. The powder also. But when u use the together it feel kinda thick rather than heavy. Especially when you apply the powder using the sponge. So, i tried to apply it with powder brush and it comes really well.

Remember that they claim to stay 12 hours. Let's see!

What do you think? I know it's different lighting, sorry about that. 
So, my thought are.... Firstly, i want to explain something. I've read a review and they really stay for 8-12 hours. But, the girl who reviewed this is not living same as mine. hahahaha. I'm pretty sure she have air conditioner in her house and her office. And pretty SURE she goes everywhere by car. I'm not living in a place with air conditioner and i'm not going everywhere by car. The day i tested this product staying power i was really busy going here and there to finish my essay, by motorcycle. Mostly, i was outside, under the bright shining sun! So, i guess that's why at 12:26 my face get kinda oily. And at 15:42 they kinda fade away around my nose area.

BUT, i'm gonna say that this is the best product that stay on my face while i'm really that busy and not being inside a room with air conditioner. It really really suit Indonesia tropical climate. Because, in the other day it really stay on my face for so long aroung 8 hours. I'm not a girl who wear makeup all day long, i always erase my makeup right away after i got home. Remember, i was really busy at the day i tested this product.

So overall thoughts :


- Great coverage (5/5)
- Cute packaging (5/5)
- Light feel (4/5)
-Nice staying power (4/5)
-Smooth (4/5)


-Kinda thick when you apply the powder

Selfie when i used this product :
Apply with sponge

with powder brush

Have you try this products? What do u think?



  1. the bb cream I find interesting =)

    1. yes, it's really good and have a quite matte finish that stays for long time. :)

  2. penasaran bener deh sama bb cream nya hahaha mau beli lupa terus :(
    nice review, salam kenal ya :D

    mind to follow each other?

    1. Thank you. bagus bgt ini, malah menurutku lbh bagus dr Maybelline BB cream. i've followed you. :) thanks for following.

  3. Aha! Will definitely buy and try nanti kalau udah balik Indonesia. Di sini nggak ada Pixy masaaa. :(

    1. emng lg di mana say? worth to try bgt ini emang. :D

  4. I still have yet to try this because it's not yet launched in my country, but I'm pretty impressed with Pixy products. I like their water based makeup remover, it leaves such a smooth feeling onto my skin. I also like their compact powder! So soft and velvety!

    1. thank you for visiting my blog. ^^

      yes. their makeup remover is really good. it didn't make my face all red and dry. you should try their gel cleanser too. it's good. :D

  5. Kak, bbc pixy ini bikin jerawatan gak kak?
    Aku udah lama jadi pemakai produk pixy untuk seri pembersih mukanya, aaand it works really well on me~<3 pengen cobain bbc nya cuma masih parnoan bisa nimbulin jerawat atau gak. Btw i'm 20 this year and have a bit oily face. please help! thanksss^

    1. Hmm. kalo di aku sih enggak ya. cuma kan kondisi kulit orang beda beda. Aku dulu jerawatan kecil kecil pake bbc nya maybelline padahal temen temenku enggak. Atau bisa jadi itu dulu aku sih yg kurang bersih bersihinnya. Jadi aku gak bisa kasi jawaban yg pasti ke kamu. Hehehe maaf. So far sih kulitku g masalah pake bbc ini. :D Dan produk ini gak pore clogging juga di aku.

      Thank you for visiting. :D