Saturday, 11 April 2015



I post this two almost in a same time because i just want to share to you guy about my purple lippy, so you could compare them both.
the should be a sticker number here. but mine is gone hehe

This one is Viva Cosmetic Lipstick in shade number 35. This one is Dark Purple one. I got this lipstick from my friend, he said he doesn’t need it anymore (yes, you read it right, HE not she). He was like, “do you want a purple lipstick of mine? But i already use it couple time for dancing performance, is it okay?”. And then i just give him a big fat “YES, OF COURSE I WOULD LOVE TO”. He was concerned because he already used it but i really don’t mind. HAHAHAHA.

That moment happend right a couple days after i swatch Red A lipstick shades number 635 which is really similar with this lipstick. Did you notice the similar number? Red A 635 and Viva 35. I’m not surprised, they come from the same company anyway. So, i swatch the Red A and fall in love but sadly they don’t have any stock for that shade, they only have the tester pan. Then couple day later i checked at Hypermart and they don’t have that shade also. So, i sent email to Red A and they said they still produce it and if i find it hard to find their produce i could purchase them online at But, online purchase only for Rp. 50.000 minimum order. And if you buy their product for Rp. 100.000, it’s free shipping!!
Sorry, i promote other product in this product review. But they come from the same company so maybe they’ll forgive me. *bow*

Okay, go back to Viva. So, teh first impression of this product is... boring packaging. Sorry i have to say that. It’s plain dark blue with gold line. That’s it. And sticker of the number on top of the tube and another sticker of the ingredients and company on the bottom side of tube which is already disappear on my lipstick. Hehehe.
the gold line is suppose to be there. but it wiped off

 But i can see the number at the bottom of the tube. It’s fading away but i still can see it.

When you open the tube you could see their logo on the inside.

The smell is kinda strong in this one. It’s soooo lipstick smell, got it? Do you remember when you’re a kid a try your mommy lipstick that have a quite strong scent. Yeah, that one.
The texture is not as creamy like Red A. This one is more matte and a little bit sticky on my hand. But when i apply it on my lips it’s fine. Just fine. Staying power just same like Red A. 4-5 hours.


Swatches on lips

I really love how it turn out on my lips not a really dark purple but well quite dark. I mean i doesn’t come out like Wet ‘n Wild Vamp It Up or NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania. I never try them but i could see it already. Hahaha. It’s just purple. Dark purple like octopus ink.
I love both gradation and full lips. Gradation make it looks kinda poisonous and full lipe remind me of Ursula. I don’t know why but i got that feel.



-easy to find the product
-unique color


-strong smell
-boring packaging (I DON’T MIND THIS)


4/5 (Because i love the color so much)

please pardon my selfie :)

You could easily find this brand on Hypermart. They have their ow section there, side by side with Red-A or tbh they are in one section.
or you could visit

See you next post!


  1. Woe nice color. THanks for sharing :)

  2. tapi emang scent-nya viva ini strong banget ya... :'>
    warnanya cakep2 tapi

    just followed you ^^

    1. iya strong. tp varian warnanya itu loh. bikin gemes pgn beli semua. hehehe

      omg! makasih. i've followed you since so long. :D

    2. oh iyakah udah follow? hihi maaf nggak ngecek >,<
      salam kenal, redha!

    3. iyah. heheheh. iya gpapa kok, salam kenal jugaaaa.. :D

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