Friday, 5 June 2015

Sasyachi Makeup Challenge (2 Looks only)


I suppose to post this few weeks ago but well...some shits happen and i always end up posting about reviews.
I was joining SASYACHI makeup challenge  to recreate Michelle Phan looks but i didn’t win. But i still want to share about it with you guys.

The first look that i did was “ How To Look Like a Bad Girl”
I find this look is the most simple followed by Robot Chic. But i didn’t do robot chic because i’m just lazy and stupid.
“ How To Look Like a Bad Girl” point is
Deep eyes
Dark lips

To be really honest i didn’t find any difficulties it was easy. I was using vanilla color all over my lids and chocolate color on my crease and eye hole area.

 I use a dark brown lipstick. But the problems comes when taking picture. My eyeliner looks weird because it covered by my eyelids… and my lipstick didn’t appear dark because of the sun. I apply eyebrow pencil on my lips as much as I can until I satisfied with the color on the camera.

 Lol. I take so many picture and it’s really hard. Gosh. But at least I could take a nice picture.


The second looks. “midnight luster” And for god’s sake this is the most difficult looks I ever did. Why it’s difficult? Because I don’t have glittery black eyeshadow, not ot glittery golden beige and glittery blue. But well I have black cream eyeshadow, shimmer beige, and actually I have blue eyeshadow that have glitter in  it. But it’s not glittery enough. Luckily I own a glitter eyeliners so I just mixed them all together to get the right shade. And this looks require a gold mascara. I just put my glitter eyeliner on my bottom lash. For the mixing only I do it for around 30 minutes and putting it until I satisfied with the looks. It’s not really same same with Michelle but well at least I guess I’m doing it quite right.

For lips it was easy because Michelle using ox blood lip liner and ruby red lips which i own them all. Not the exact same ox blood color but basic red will do right?

I'm really happy with the result of this makeup and still thinking if I gonna wear this looks on my graduation ceremony or not. 

Even thought i didn't win this challenge but i do have a lot of fun doing it. It makes me want to do more makeup recreation. It's tiring if you think about the effort you put in every single streak on your face to do the makeup and every sweat you drop in every click of the camera but i love doing this. And i'm quite satisfied with myself. LOL.
I'm sure that every single participant put a lot of effort to join this challenge. Everyone was great. I bet no one was half assed doing it. Everyone was pretty. And the winners sure really pretty.  Ah, i envy them, their makeup skill and their camera that could capture their beauty really well.
I'll wait any other challenge and sure i will do it!



  1. a really great make up =)

  2. Aku lebih suka yang midnight luster, lebih hidup di kamu. Tapi lipsticknya bad girl stunning banget!

    1. hehehe, aku jg secara pribadi lbih suka midnight luster. Makasih :D