Saturday, 13 June 2015

Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick (Sugar Plum Fairy & Cherry Bomb) Review


Do people still hype about this lips product? Because I DO!
Wet ‘N Wild  have a really a lot of colors selection. And i just want to buy all of them excluding the nudes. Because I’m not into nudy lipsticks lips is too thick to handle it.

they wrapped in plastic with the shade and ingredients information

I bought this lipstick at Diva Cresent ( store. or @kutekmurah on Instagram. I didn’t buy it online since their store is near my dorm. They cost only Rp. 40.000 while some online shop sell it around Rp. 45.000 – Rp. 75.000.

can you read them?

Thir packaging is black tube with clear cap. It looks nice because you could see the shade without opening it. But, since the lipstick bullet is peeping out, please be careful when opening and closing it because it gonna result a lot of mess. A LOT! The cap will scrape the bullet and it will be all over the inside of the cap. Do it really slowly, like REALLY SLOWLY.

I bought Sugar Plum Fairy and Cherry Bomb because I’ve been eyeing Sugar Plum Fairy since so long and my mom told me that she want a maroon matte lipstick so that’s why I bought it for her. But since she is in Malang and I’m currently in Surabaya I swatch it for her and for review purpose of course. Heheheheu.

Sugar Plum Fairy is a nice orchid purple with a lot pink than blue on it. It's similar to my Sleek Fandango Purple (review here

Cherry Bomb is a dark cherry color with a purple under tone. If you put it lightly on your lips you’ll see the purplish shade.

They have a matte finish but not drying. It still creamy but not glides easily. It’s a little tugging your lips. But I don’t mind at all.
It doesn’t have any particular weird smell but when you smell it really really close to your nostril you’ll smell something like paint. But it’s not strong at all. It even barely noticeable.
They have a really good pigmentation. One swipe is really fine. And the best thing is they leave stain on my lips. They do transfer everywhere but they leave a really nice stain on your lips. Love it!
This how they leave stain after i wipe them with tissue
Overall thought

What I like

-leave stain

What I don’t really like

- the tricky packaging


Of course I want to try them all.

For people who are curious about Diva Cresent Store. Here is the picture.

The store located at Supermall Pakuwon Indah Surabaya near the exit to the parking area on the back side . It's side by side with Crystal jade bakery. I'm sorry i was made a mistake by calling it "golden jade" lol. Hope you find it guys.

See you in my next post!!


  1. Aku juga suka lipstick wnw ini!
    Punyanya warna vamp it up hihii, mau nya borong semua shade :p

    1. aku jg pgn nyoba vamp it up! bener bgt pgn borong semuanya XD

  2. I hate the tricky pacaging too.. hzzzzz.. punyaku cuwil gara2 tutupnya..

    1. me too. punyaku jg gupil gupil gara2 tutupnya. =_=

  3. OMG ternyata kutekmurah ada offline storenya :0
    Selama ini aku belanjanya online di dia. aaaaa... Aku punya wnw yang ravin raisins sama spiked with rum dan aku suka banget sampe ninggalin lipen lainnya :)) Itu yang cherry bomb cakep bangettt

    cuma tutupnya inilo bikin lipen cuil2 terus kotor nempel di tutupnya :|

    1. iya ada :D ini jg tempat aku beli si L.A. Girl Matte Gloss kmaren. :D ayo maen siniii.
      aduh aku jg mau ravin raisin ama spiked with rum. :')
      iyaaaa. itu tutupnya ama ujung lipstiknya yg nongol itu gak bersahabat sekali.

  4. iya ni toko makin bikin laper mata #secaratiaphariguekeptc lololo
    @my blog :D

    how to make diy ombre hair :)

  5. Aduh ini aku naksir cherry bomb daridulu tapi tiap mau beli kelupaan mulu huhu untuk nemu review ini jadi racun deh :p nice review. Salam kenal yaaaa, btw folback blogku dong hihi

    1. hahaha. bgus looh cherry bomb. hayuk beli jugak. :D
      udah say.. :D

  6. Wet n Wild megablast lipsticks are the best! I have Cherry Bomb too and I'm obsessed!! <3 but my favourite shade from the entire collection is Bare It All, I think the shade is similar to the infamous MAC Velvet teddy. :D

    xx ieyra |

    1. i give cherry bomb to my mom already but i guess i'll repurchase it because i loved it toooo. <3
      Bare It All is nude right? i'm kinda afraid wearing nude lipstick because it makes my lips looks swollen. lol. but lately i want to try some nude ><
      thank you for visiting ^^