Friday, 19 June 2015

Sunset Eyes Makeup Tutorial


Today I want to share you a makeup tutorial.
This is my second makeup tutorial.
Actually this tutorial is similar with the previous one.
But this one is more intens, more vibrant, more yellow lol, and maybe you can’t wear this kind of makeup on you daily basis except you’re into this kind of makeup.

I find it hard to naming this makeup look. I want to named it “Summer Sunset”” but when when i googled it, summer sunset has pink fuschia and purple tone to it which is far from mine. I keep thinking and a lot of name about sunset keep coming up like “Burning Sunset” and “Tropical Sunset” lol. But I’ll just make it simple. So, here we go.


1.      Prime your eyelids. I’m using MY Double Color Eye Shadow color 248 which is a natural peachy beige. You can use your regular concealer or any skin tone colored cream eyeshadow. And I’m also put Viva Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base on top of it to make the color more pop.
2.       Dab yellow colored eyeshadow on your lids.
3.       Put and blend deep orange colored eyeshadow on your crease.
4.       Also put the same color on your outer V and outer part of your under eyes.

5.       Dab brick red colored eyeshadow on the outer V only to devine the orange color.
6.       Swipe te same color in your outer part of your under eyes, just on top of the orange color.
7.       Dab muted gold color on the inner corner and half of your inner under eyes.
8.       Take a little orange colored eyeshadow and sipe it in the middle part of you under eyes to blend the gold and brick red color.

9.       Take a brown colored eyeshadow (i choose brown color that doesn’t have too much red undertone) ans just swipe and blend it on the upper part of your crease (is that make sense?)
10.   I’m using Mukka 35 Colors Eye Palette which is really really powdery and it does cmake a lot of mess and fallout. But You don’t need to worry about fallouts because now we gonna put some concealer on you under eye and brow bone.
11.   Blend and voila! No mess anymore.
12.   Highlight your brow bone. I’m using NYX Illuminator powder

13.    I’m also putting NYX Illuminator powder in the inner corner to create glowy illusion.
14.   Fill your waterline and lash line with brown eyeliner pencil.
15.   Put black eyeliner.
16.   And mascara on!

17.   I’m not putting heavy blush on this makeup look but I try to get sunkissed looks by highlighting my cheek bone put some bronzer. I’m using NYX Illuminator powder for my highlight and mixing Illuminator powder with my regular brown eyeshadow for bronzing.
18.   I’m using Wardah Matte Lipstick number 16 Summer Pink.

Here is the eyeshadow color guide that i used for this looks and simpler color coordination on the eyes

color guide

Color Coordination

Here is the overall looks.

Actually I didn’t use that lip color at the first place but I tried a lot of lipstick and style to match the eye makeup. I guess this peachy nude lips works the best.
How do you think about the other looks?

a.       I’m using L.A Girl Matte Gloss in Instict on my inner part of my lips and Revlon Sultry to blend the outer part.

b.      Pretty much same with A but I’m using Wet ‘n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Cherry Bomb on the outer part.

c.       Just regular orange gradation lips.

So, what do you think?
I know I’m still lacking everywhere but I’ll keep learning and learning. So, please share your thought about the tutorial on the comment section
Thank you so much guys.



  1. wwo beautyful eye make up =D

  2. Oh, I really like this makeup! Especially with the red lips. Lovely!

    1. Thank you so much. and thank you for visiting here. :D

  3. Duh kak menarik banget eye makeup nya! ^^