Sunday, 28 February 2016

Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte Diamond (81) and Topaz (86)

Hello Pretty Dolls

So, finally I can get my hand over this product. 
As you guys know, this lipstick been really really popular.
Since matte lipstick is a trend right now and it's local product.
Everyone rave about it.

I got this lipsticks when I go back to my hometown, Malang.
And bought this at Toko Raya.
I ask the BA if the matte lipstick ready.
And she said, "Yes, the stocks comes yesterday but now available 3 shades only, 81,85,86"
Soooo, the legends are true. 
And I choose 81 and 86 since I don't have any nudey natural lipstick.

Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte comes in a box like this.
I forgot to take a picture but, there is a holder inside that preventing the lipstick from wiggle-ing inside
So, You won't receive your lipstick broken or anything.
Which is pretty impressive in my opinion.

The packaging made from plastick.
Black and gold colored, with Purbasari written outside.
People said that the packaging seems so fragile.
It is. But i did notice that the cap is really sturdy.
You can hear "click" when you close the cap which is nice.
Some of my lipstick caps are easily fall out and I hate that.
And I don't have that problem with this lipstick.

If you roll all the product out, it will be this long.

It may looks so little because the lipstick is so skinny.
But, But, But!!
They are super pigmented and not patchy at all.
So you won't finish this lipstick really fast.
Except you wear this every single days, 3 times a day.
Or, you eat them,
Please don't eat your lipsticks.

This lipstick has a fruity, vanilla, cookie smell.
I thought that this lipstick smells like fragant eraser.
\But my friend said this lipstick smells like Khong Guan Lemon Cream biscuit.
And I kinda agree with that.
It's not strong and it will disappear the second you apply this lipstick.

The texture is super creamy, it didn't feel dry at the first time you apply.
I have a really dry and easily chapped lips.
And I find this a little bit drying throughout the day.
And if you have a super dry lips like mine
 I do recommend to wear matte lip balm before applying this lipstick.
And my favorite lip balm is Nivea Med Care.
So it's my lips not this lipstick
Because I've been reading a lot of review of this product and most of people doesn't have that problem.

As you can see, Diamond (81) is nude beige with a hint of grey in it.
And I love love love this lipstick.
I don't have any nude lipstick.
I ever tried some but I hate them.
They make me looks so pale and not flattering at all.
But this shade is different. I love it. 

Topaz (86) is a warm orange-y brown.
This color is straight up my favorite.
It just screams my name.
It's bold, sexy, warm and I just love it.

When you mixed them it will create a nice peachy nude.
Great for every day natural looks

This lipsticks stay on my lips for a pretty long time 4-5 hours.
After that, rather than fading away they crack.
At least on me they do crack.
And if you eat crazily it will wiped just in a minute.
Since this lipstick is not transfer-proof baby.



Long Lasting
Smells so good
Smooth application
Not Patchy
Super matte


Dry out my dry lips
Cracked on my dry lips throughout the day



  1. Wuooohh~ ketemu blogger Malang juga. yeeyy~

    Penasaran sama warna nude nya purbasari! Di raya harganya brp mbak? Kadang kalo main ke raya udah OOS. tapi seriusan, aku penasaran sama yang 81 ato 90. dan karena jarang banget ada tester, takutnya ntar terlalu pucet di aku >.<

    kalo senggang, bisa kali main-main ke ^^

    1. Hai halo. Salam kenal. :)
      Di raya itu 32, tp kmaren dpt diskon tinggal 28 aja. Iya BA nya jg blg cepet abis. Pdhal masi pgn warna lain jg. Hehehe

  2. Diamond looks BEAUTIFUL! It kinda reminds me of Wet n Wild - Bare It All and it's like my favourite everyday shade. :)

    ieyra h. | blog

    1. yeesss it is! I just find myself grabbing diamond more on my daily basis now. :D
      I haven't try bare it all. And now I'm curious