Thursday, 7 April 2016

April Haul

It's still earlyfor haul.
But, whatever..

I just realize... the color scheme.. everything is blue, white, silver and a little black

I usually didn't post any of haul.
I only have 1 haul post so far
Because I never bought things in once.
I always buy my make up one in a time.
But this month, I already got a lot of products.
Not a lot... Just.. few of them.
I've seen bigger haul than this. 

The first thing I got early this month is this L'OCCITANE Raine Blanche samples

These are the whitening products from L'OCCITANE.
They held digital campaign and I sign up fot it, then I got the samples.
I just tried the yesterday.
They feel amazing so far.
It's soooo lightweight. It feels like nothing on my face.
I'll posted the review in a week I guess.

I bought this lipstick when I picking up the samples at Ciputra World.
This is in the shade J-20
When I saw this at Stroberi outlet, I thought this was orange.
But when I opened this at home.
It's actually red.
Okay. well.

Meet the diva!
This is my fiiirrrsssst cushion.
Seriously, I want to try cushion foundation since so long
But it's so expensive... I just can't. T.T
I got this from @0.8L_Indonesia
For free. I won their giveaway.
Review also up soon!

Did you guys know that this is a primer/moisturizer?
I've tried this at my home.
My mom have this product.
And.. are u curious how this work? lol. stay on my blog.

I did my friend's graduation make up.
That is why I bought this alongside with the Pixy.
but end up didn't using it.
But this lashes are soo lightweight. and so cheap.
It's only Rp. 12.000
The band is so thin. The hair is so soft.
I just love it.
But the convenient store where I bought this only have this one particular lash style.
I want to try more.

I bought this after I received the makeup payment.
lol. But it feels so good buying things from your own money right.
You can tell that I'm obsessed with Inez products.
They just crazy good. Super pigmented, buttery, and affordable.
I bought 2 eyeshadow palettes, Alaska (blue) and Pattaya (mauve).
I already have one in Venice. 
I'll review all those 3 together,
Also blush in Autumn Rose.
This also gonna up with the blush that I already have in Amber Peach (my holy grail)

So, that's all my haul this month.
I hope I'll hauling more next month.
amen to that.



  1. Penasaran dengan Dr. ALtheanya, ditunggu reviewnya :)

    1. siaap. secepatnya akan di review. :D
      thank you for visiting. ^^