Saturday, 23 April 2016

REVIEW: Sophie Paris Klunge Lip Stain Pen All Shades (Fantastic Orange, Romantic Pink, Dramatic Purple)

I've got this products since so long but I forgot about it.
I've taken the pics but I'm just being dumb.
So, it just up now..

 Sophie Paris is Indonesian brand.
They put "Paris" there just because...
Sophie Paris is MLM and they sell a lot of products.
At first, they're all about clothes, bag, shoes, wallet and anything like that.
Then they expand their line to cosmetics, skincare, even a diet shakes.
They do have a lot of brands.
One of them is Klunge 

Klunge cosmetics is focused for teenagers.
That's why their packaging is so cute.
Pink and blue colors with cute packaging design.
Honestly, some of Klunge's packaging looks so outdated.
This lip stain pen is fine tho.

This lipstain packaging made from hard plastics.
They shaped like a pen
It's sturdy enough and lightweigt.
The ingredients stickers is actually attached on their plasticseal
I really hate that kind of stickers.
Mizzu eyeliner also have this kind of ingredients sticker on their plastick seal
I have to take them off and stick them on their actual packaging
I need the information there.

This lips stain has 3 shades
As you can read on the pic, they are Fantastic Orange, Romantic Pink and Dramatic Purple
I got this set of 3 for Rp. 100.000 only when Sophie Paris are having a discount promotion.
They retail for around Rp. 70.000 each. 
But, I don't think it's not worth it to pay Rp. 70.000 for this

The applicator is like a marker tip.
It is really easy to apply to product
 But, if you apply them from the tip, the color won't come out.
So you have to swipe the side of the marker for good amount of colors.
If you expect them to be pigmented like Korean products, you'll be disappointed. 
It only contains 1gr of products.
Maybe that's why it didn't come out, because of the small amount of tint
The good side, it has a very wonderful scent and taste
Like a strawberry candy. So yummy. I love it

Fantastic Orange is a straight up orange color. But on my lips it turn out more reddish
Romantic Pink have the least pigmentation of all the shades. If you looking for a natural daily lip color. This is for you.
Dramatic purple is not purple. I mean, I was expecting it to be real purple. It turn out like a deep fuschia color. Okay, it's kinda purple, just not the purple I got in my mind. This have the most pigmentation of them all.

Here is the swatch on my lips


What I like
- cute packaging
- practical applicators
- nice scent and flavor

What I don't like
- lacking on pigmentation
- small amount of products




  1. Warnanya cakep-cakep ya^^

    1. iya cakep tp musti diulas tumpuk biar keliatan warnanya :D
      Thank you for visiting :D

  2. warnanya lucu.. ini kalo dipake awet berapa lama dibibir?

    1. Gak terlalu awet, makan ilang. hehehe
      Thanks for visting ^^

  3. Kak Redha aku tuh ngiri sama bentuk bibir kamu, soalnya tebal gitu.

    Aku suka sih warnanya, cuma 70ribu dan 1 gram aku sih gak tela XDD

    1. hee, makasih. ^^
      iya kan. gak worth it, 30 rbu aja kayanya masih kemahalan deh. hahaha. cuma 1 gram.

      Thank you for visiting ^^

  4. Wow Redha, I have no idea Sophie Paris is selling cosmetics!! I think they only have their bags selling here.

    ieyra | blog

    1. they did recently. it's not long time ago I think. I think they expanding their business because slowy it lose to another Oriflame

    2. i mean another brand, Oriflame lol