Monday, 11 April 2016

REVIEW : Dr. Althea Water Glow Cushion

Hello Pretty Dolls!
This is my first cushion. 
I've been dying to try cushion foundation or BB or CC or anything in cushion!
Then I'm win a giveaway from @08l_Indonesia 
And I got this super pretty cushion. Look at it's packaging!
So is it as pretty as the packaging?
Keep reading fellas

This is their claim. I take this from
That''s not Dr.Althea website. Dr. Althea website is
But Althea e-commerce website.
They only have the same name.
I've seen my blogger friends become Althea Indonesia beta tester.
How? lol. I want too!
taken from

Taken from

Their packaging is really cute.
It's a white box with a girl in a blue water dress drawing in it.
On top of the box. It's written C21 Ice Vanilla Cover.
If you thought that C21 is shade number. you're wrong
They only have 1 shade. *cries*

Everything's written in korean. I can only understand that it has SPF50+, PA+++
Super high SPF. Pretty common for Korean product
And this contains 15gr of products.

Luckily they translate the ingredients to English.
They are water based, paraben free, contains so many natural ingredients such as shea butter,
avocado oil, tea tree leaf oil, rosemary leaf extract and more.
 Natural is good, right?

This is how it looks like when you open the box. So it's secured really well.
I'm always impressed how Korean Brand always secure their products nicely.
Do any other cushion comes in this kind of box?

The packaging has the same drawing as in the box. I can't stop adoring it.
The packaging made from plastic.
But it's really sturdy.

 Honestly, what's make me really curious about cushion is their puff.
The ruby cell air puff
I heard so many good things about it
Air puff claimed to make the products last longer, less absorbance, and cooling effects.

Their air puff is just like typical air puff
White and blue the the brand written on the handle (?)

When I opened the compact. As you can see below there are some products leaking.
But 08L ship this from Korea, I can understand that.
As long as it didn't broken into pieces I'm fine with it,

The fun part of cushion foundation

The texture is pretty watery.
It feels so light to the touch.
It feels like nothing when I swatch it on my hand
This smells so soft. I like it.

It blended so easily both with my finger and the air puff.
Just a few tap and it's ready.
But actually it's too white for my skintone
I got really tanned lately because I've been applying my CV everywhere.
And I go around by my bike. With no gloves. In this weather.

This has dewy finish.
It's super hydrating and smooth.
But I see it cling to my dry patches and around my nose.
If you have oily/combo skin like me, you definitely need to set it with powder.
It crease on my under eye area.
And my hair stick to my face if I didn't set it.
The coverage is medium.
It is buildable, but if you have the same skin tone as mine.
You'll looks like Ju-On.
As you can see down bellow. It covered my dark spots

the sun makes it look fine for my skin tone

cries in the corner

So, the conclution,

Buildable coverage

There only 1 shade available
Crease on my lines


 Will give it more score if they have my shade.
This pic below taken with my front cam, and I blend the products on my neck also



  1. Ah... So nice to see is soon to be available in Indonesia! It's my favourite online shopping site for k-beauty!!

    I didn't notice Dr. Althea foundation cushion comes in only 1 shade until you pointed it out. ;o that's so unfortunate, I'm currently using IOPE cushion, it settle down into my fine lines too T___T

    ieyra h. | blog

    1. yes. I'm drolling everytime I read the review from beta tester. can't wait. haha.

      yesss. too bad it's only one shade. I need to mix it with some of my foundation. korean products tend to be dewy so it will settle to fine lines T___T