Monday, 27 February 2017

Soft Opening BACI Beauty Shop #BelanjaDiBandara

Hello Pretty Dolls
Today I will introduce you BACI Beauty Shop.

BACI Beuaty Shop is a duty free beauty store by Angkasa Pura Retail.
The store is located in Terminal 2 Juanda Intenational Airport.
BACI Beauty Shop is pretty special, because they are more focused on local brand!
So, if you ever thought to bring some good local beauty products as a souvenir.
You can purchase them at BACI right before your flight.
Last Saturday, some of SBB Member are invited to BACI Beauty Shop soft opening
We did store tour and got a nice reflexology massage.
Thank you BACI for the voucher!
Yes, they also have a reflexology spot inside!
You can have a good and relaxing massage too.
What a nice idea to combine beauty store and reflexology.
After you passed the security check.
You will see BACI Store on the right side.
Let's see what's inside!
SBB members! us and beauty products are like a combo
 BACI decoration are dominated with light grey color. 
The interior is really bright and looks modern.
The products arrangements are so freaking nice.
Anyway, BACI means kisses in Italian. Cute rigth?? 

BACI have a really wide collection of local products.
The almost had like every single local brand inside.
There are, 
  • Dewi Sri Spa
  • Sariayu
  • PAC
  • Wardah
  • Make Over
  • Emina
  • Polka Cosmetics
  • Mukka Kosmetik
  • Azarine
  • Sarinah

And one international brand called Spongelle.
BACI is planning to add more and more local products to the store. 
The sisters, Emina and Make Over.

Sariayu Corner. My fave local brand!
The luxury of PAC. 💝💝

Dewi Sri Spa is one of the best and pretty luxury Martha Tilaar products.
I really love how BACI arrange the Dewi Sri Spa display.
They looks so luxurious and attractive.
I'm so happy that BACI is more focused on local products
So, Indonesian products will become better know by everyone.
People need to know that there are sooo many local brands with very good quality.

Of course BACI also bring three sisters to the store.
Make Over, Wardah and Emina

If you're having a hard time to find Mukka Kosmetik.
They are also available at BACI.
Here are the most wanted affordable lip cream!

Another most popular lip laquer brand
Polka Cosmetics!

Polka display is super eyecatching and colorful. 

 All shade, including the newest, Banjo

Best seller trio. Maracass, Mandolin, and Tambourine

Azarine is also local brand from Indonesia (Sidoarjo)
They are focused on skincare and spa related products. 
I wnat to try their essential oil.
Azarine is actually a new brand, I'm so happy that BACI bring them also.

Sarinah and their ethnic souvenirs like traditiona plaited purse, batik, and accessories 

And this are the display of Spongelle.
So, freaking cute!

Now, let's take a loot at their Senses Reflexology place
this entrance pic is taken by ce Mindy

 The decoration is still dominated with grey color
It feels so nice in there. 
So simple yet so luxurious.
You'll immediately feels so relaxed once you step inside

Thank you Sir, for giving me a really nice massage, and some hilarious dad's jokes. 😂😂😂
I have so much fun.
The massage is soo relaxing.
I rarely like getting massage because it's hurt so bad.
But, they are so skilled so I don't get to much hurt at that time.
nice cuppa tea!

Everyone is busy with their phone. Updating their instastory lol
 Thank you so much BACI.
We had a lot of fun!

Please remember to visit BACI to get some nice and good quality local products and
repfexology before your flight on Terminal 2 Juanda.
Polka and Mukka is actually pretty hard to find.
Polka currently only available online and so does Mukka.
They both have't opened any counter yet in Surabaya.
 So, it's really a good move from BACI to bring them.

Thank ou fot the goodie bag! It's so lovely!
BACI Beauty Shop
Terminal 2 Juanda International Airport
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 1, Bentro, Sedati, Kabupaten Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur 61253, Surabaya
Instagram: @belanjadibandara



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