Sunday, 21 May 2017

OOTD : Sleepwear For A Dress?

I actually never everrrr in my life wrote anything about fashion, ootd and everything around it.
But, there is a very unique moment in my life.
That's why I want to wrote about it. 
I'm have a lot interest in fashion but 
I'm not aducated enough to understand cutting, style or anything details about it.
Being a designer is one of my dream when I was in elementary school.
But then again, I got distracted by a lot of thing lol.

Sleepwear? Yes!
Or you just called it "daster" in my country.
Daster is basically a really relaxed outfit. 
Mostly made from cotton. No matter if it was a stretchy cotton of really flowy cotton.
So that's why it meant to wear for sleep to comfort.
Or sometime people wear it just when they want to get comfortable 
and not going anywhere lol.

And daster is kinda related to motherhood.
When you heard sleepwear you gonna think about pajamas, lingerie and more.
Daster is one of them. Most of daster wearer are mother or even elderly.
But, for me. I loooveee wearing daster. It's so comfortable.
Okay enough with the random rambles. Let's get into the real story

So few days ago, I was going to an event held by Woman Blitz and Clariskin Clinic. 
The dress code was soft blue. I don't have anything soft blue.
I barely have pastel colors in my wardrobe.
I was pretty panicked. I can't purchase more clothes because 
I already bought a pink dress for another event.

I tried to look for my blue blouse but it doesn't fit anymore. OTL
But then I found that daster and I'm thinking that I could use that as an outfit.
Since the color is bright and colorful, I think it doesn't looks like too daster-y. lol I hope that makes sense to you guys.
Actually, the daster is kinda small on my boobs area, so I bring it to my tailor to do some change.
It works! Next, I sart trying to find the best outfit that match this daster
since I'm gonna wear it as an outer.

I tries so many things but this white kimono blouse from Bigissimo is the perfect fit.
The blouse already comes with ribbon that I can use as accessories.
So, how does it looks like?


Pretty right?? It's kinda feel Japanese if that make sense to you lol.
I was pretty confused at first because the neck area was kinda overlap with each other.
Ce Mindy said that if I have collared blouse it will looks a lot cuter.
But you know what! I don't have any. SO I just go with this.
I decided to not care about anything, wear it and f*ck it. oops~
But it turn out really well, everyone said it was so cute I'm touched I'm gonna cry~~
Here is how that outfit looks on me

I really love how it looks on me. Spring summer vibe!!

The daster material is so flowy so it's suits the hot weather in Surabaya.

This photos are taken at UNESA (Universitas Negeri Surabaya) by my lovely bestfriend and my one and only photographer. Didis Gismara.
Thank you babe for the pictures!

Well, I'm not a professional fashion stylish nor designer. But, since I did this mix and match I must admit that I became more Confident with my self. Embracing my body. I love every curve about me.
And Don't be afraid to wear anything you want!!



  1. Ulala.. sexy abisss...
    Tp suer deh.. Aplause buat km Reee... km brani bgt mix and match.. dan hasilnya super cuteeeee...
    Kalo aku paling cm nangis d pojokan dan g jd ikut event.. :,D

    1. Aku juga sudah setress babe.. tapi nemu daster yang kembaran sama emak ini menyelamatkan hehehe.

  2. Beautiful! Sexy! Hot!
    The way you pose, the way those outfit dances over your body... Ouuucchhh
    Fashion blogger! Fashion blogger! Go! Go!!!! :3

    1. huehehhee. thank you sayyyy. Masih jauh sekali jadi fashion blogger. XD
      thank youuuuu

  3. Cute and sexy at the same time. Great idea!

  4. Lucuuu... sama sekali jadi gak keliatan kalau itu daster yaa. Suka deh :D

  5. DO MORE!!! Curvy personal style blogger here we come!