Sunday, 4 June 2017

Review: SkinFood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

Hello Pretty Dolls.
I'm here to share with you one of the most popular exfoliator/mask.
I heard that a lot of people love this product.
So I end up trying it out also.
Maybe I'm kinda late to ride the hype but why not?
It's SkinFood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

First of all, this mask is really popular both in Korea and overseas.
I heard that a lot of foreigner love this also because it's a 2in1 kinda products.
SkinFood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off is both an exfoliator and a mask.
SkinFood always use natural ingredients and in this products, it's black sugar.
I got this products at Althea for IDR. 96.000 only.
 Black Sugar is a pretty popular natural ingredients for skin.
It provides minerals and Vitamin B that helps your skin cell to develop, protect skin from troublesng and aging due to UV sunlight. The texture also helps to exfoliate all the dead skin and also keep your skin healthy.

SkinFood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off comes in a pretty huge jar which contains 100gr of produtcs.
That's a lot. You can use it for a year (if used religiously, if not, probably longer than a year).
The jar also comes with plastic seals to prevent the products from getting messy.

As you can see, the texture is pretty thick.
It literally feels like brown sugar + caramel mixed up.
The granules are pretty big (but not too big, just like how sugar is).
If you have sensitive skins, you better mixed it with toner or water before applying on your face.
So the texture will become softer and minimize irritations.
But for me, I just use it that way without mixing it with any other liquid.

SkinFood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off smells so good.
At first I thought it gonna smells like caramel.
But it smells kinda like lemon zest (?)
I usualy hate citrus-y smell but this one is an exception
Because it smells like lemon tea lol.

After you rub it all over your face to exfoliate, leave it on you skin for around 15-20 minutes.
Lastly, rinse off with lukewarm water.
Here is how the texture on my face.

I really love how it feels on my skin.
It exfoliate really well but not drying at all.
My skin feels so soft, supple and moist at the same time.
And the most important is, this SkinFood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off
doesn't make my skin feels oily at all. It's just feels hydrated and moist enough.
Here is the before and after. There is slightly different lighting in the pictures.
But my skin become a little bit brighter and it feels so fresh.
I love it so much.


+ exfoliate my skin
+ smells so good
+ doesn't dries out my skin
+ affordable

- nothing!

TIPS: If you lived in a humid and super hot country like me, you can store in fridge, because it will melt a little. Not a huge problem, just if you like to maintain the texture so just store it in the fridge.



  1. info menarik nih, bahan dari apa nih ? kefir ?

  2. Aku kemarin mau ambil ini tapi masih ada scrub yang lain. Galau~~~ tapi gak jadi ambil sih, tapi kok menarik. Halah......

    1. huehehhe, aku jg banyak sebenere. tapi penasaran bangett. enak ternyata. :D

  3. Aku pernah nyoba ini. Nangis. Perih soalnya hahahaha. Kayaknya ntar coba saranmu dicampur toner.

    1. Hai kak Esy, :D
      iya kak, butirannya emang cenderung kasar banget dan gede2. Mungkin kalau dicamput toner bakalan lebih lembut hehe. Thank you for visiting kak. :D

  4. muka jadi agak cerah ya setelah pakai masker ini, apalagi memang sudah banyak yang review kalau mask wash ini bagus.. :)