Thursday, 15 June 2017

Wearable Bold Make Up For Idul Fitri Tutorial (SBBxF2F Collaboration)

Hello Pretty Dolls!
It's been a long time since I posted make up tutorial.
And now I'm back! 
Actually Surabaya Beauty Blogger and F2F Cosmetics is having a collaboration.
This collab is a huge collaboration because it's not only between SBB and F2F but also 4 other blogger communities.
The theme is "Makeup For Special Day".
The most suitable make up for family gathering like Idul Fitri day.
There are 2 teams, #teamOpor and #teamRendang.
#teamOpor is Nude themed make up while #teamRendang is bold make up.
And of course, I choose #teamRendang.

For this makeup looks, I'm gonna use almost every F2F Cosmetics products. 
FYI, F2F (Face2Face) Cosmetics is Indonesian brand. 
So this tutorial is gonna be One Brand Local Products Only!
I do really love their packaging. Almost everything is black and matte.
WHich is super sleek and looks fancy even tho their price is super affordable.
Here is the list of products I used for this tutorial

F2F Whitening BB Cream (Beige)

This is the only BB cream that match my skintone.
It has yellow undertone and suitable for medium skintone.
The texture is creamy and easy to blend. Medium coverage

F2F Eyeshadow Sweet Cocoa

Contains 3 shimmery colors.
Muted gold, warm brown and peach.
The pigmentation is okay and they are easy to blend. 

F2F Blush On Orange After Glow

I love this blush on so much!!
The pigmentatio is really nice, not powdery at all and super easy to blend.
On the pan, it looks like there are a lot of glitters 
but hey are not chunky at all! Just a really pretty sheen on your cheek.
Love this a lot!

F2F Eyeliner Liquid Black

This eyeliner has brush tip that is super easy to work with.
It's superrrr black. The pigmentation is unreal!

F2F XOXO Lipstick Matte Dark Chocoa

My favorite of them all! 
It's a dark brown chocolate-y matte lipstick.
The finish is matte, not powdery matte. It still has a little bit of sheen.
Not drying at all! And it smells like candy!


First of all, I apply BB cream all over my face.
As you can see, the coverage is pretty amazing for a BB cream.
Dewy finish, it doesn't cling on my fine lines or my dry patches.
Creamy but easy to blend.

Now for the eyes:
  1. Apply peach color on the crease as transition color.
  2. Apply the brown eyeshadow all over my lid
  3. Use the muted gold color as highlight on my brow bone and tear duct area.
  4. Lastly, create a wing with black eyeliner and apply some mascara for more drama.

Lastly, apply blush on and the lipstick on! Voila~ wearable bold make up for special is finished!!
Here is how it looks like, Also if you're curious about the blush on, here it is

Fyi, I also use the muted gold eyeshadow as highlighter and it super duper pretty!

If you ask me, why this looks is so simple and not bold enough.
I create this looks for Idul Fitri day. 
As you guys already know, we are gonna meet our entire family, neighbors, acquintance
  on that day. So you want to look bold but simple enough to meet them.
We are celebrating Idul Fitri not goint to broadway nor festival.
So, that's why I choose this bold yet simple and wearable make up look.

I hope you guys like it!



  1. Ih keren keren, sukaaakkk bingitz ini. Kesannya sweet tapi tetap bold aaaaaa

  2. suka banget sama make up matanya, jadi kelihatan lebih tajam.. :)