Monday, 3 April 2017

REVIEW: Onsaemeein Carbonated Scoria Bubble Mask Pack

Hello Pretty Dolls
I'm back with another review.
When was the last time I do a face mask review?
This time I will share with you guy one of my fave mask.
And this kind of mask was so popular.
I'm kinda late sharing this with you but why not?

It's Onsaemeein Carbonated Scoria Bubble Mask Pack
Bubble mask was so popular, but I think it still does.
Like a lot of people still looking for it.
The first brand to bring bubble mask is Elizavecca (CMIIW)
But, first of all I just wan't to explain myself. I hope I didn't offend anyone because people are so sensitive these day.
As a muslim, I can't take any product made from pig.
And Elizavecca is famous from their pig collagen ingredients.
So, I was contemplating because I want to try Bubble Mask so baddd.
And then, I found this Onsaemeein Bubble Mask in Althea.
Their main ingredients are horse oil and snail extract.
So happyyyy!!

Onsaemeein Carbonated Scoria Bubble Mask Pack contains 100ml of products.
The bottle is so hugeee and it actually contains a lot more than I thought it would be.
You can use this for 6 month - 1 year I guess.
One thing i love about korean skincare and makeup is that they are always nicely sealed.
So, you know that your products is brand new and safe.

 The only thing that I don't really like is the flip cover.
The mask will get messy around it. 
It doessss really messy, because the mask consistency is kinda runny 
so it gets everywhere on the cover.

On the box packaging, the said that you have to:

  1. Spread evenly
  2. Let it sit fot 10-15 minutes (or more if you want to)
  3. After they formed the bubbles, rub your face to exfoliate.

This is why I love this mask, it also works for exfoliator.
One the bubbles are fully formed, the texture becoming a little bit sticky.
It kindda tugging my skin when I rubbing it.

Here is how it looks like when the bubbles are appearing.
On the left is texture after I rubbing it around.
It feel a little bit tingling on my skin when the bubble is formed.
So funny lol.
Not itchy or hurt at all, just tiny little tingles here and there.


I don't know if you can tell but it brigthen up my skin and minimize my pores.
So, I lovveee this mask.
I really help to minimize my pore.
But I don't think I will repurchase because I currently want to try more mask in the market.
I also haven't finish this one and my other mask.

Minimize my pores
Reduce sebum
Tingling sensation
Cute bubbles

The product will get messy on the cover.

Score: 4/5

IDR. 100.000


  1. "Cute bubbles" lol, Redha :))
    Hasilnya di wajah keliatan banget ya kalo pori-pori jadi lebih kecil trus lebih fresh juga! Nice review as always! <3



    1. Iya chels, seger abis pake ini hehehe. berasa bersih soalnya sekalian exfoliate XD

  2. Replies
    1. yuk yuk, ayo dicobaaa :D

      thank you for visiting :)

  3. maskernya unik ya, hasilnya juga bagus, wajah jadi terlihat lebih cerah.. :)