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UNBOXING: Althea MD's Pick Box

Hello Pretty Dolls
I'm back with another unboxing.
And again, of course, it's Althea!
Now, I'm doing unboxing of Althea Box.
If you don't know, Althea is releasing themed box for each month.
It's like subscribtion box but you don't need to subcribe.
Instead, you need to go on a war.
Yep, because they sold out really really quick.
So, you need to stay tune for each release every month by visiting Althea website
or by subscribing their newsletter.

And today, I'm gonna unbox the MD's Pick Box.
This box is contains 7 items that are under radar but loved by Althea's MD.
Let's seeee~~

And this is the poster from Althea's website

Laneige Clear C Peeling Mask

I was so excited when I knew that Laneige gonna be one of the brand inside the box
Because they are so expensiveeee. This peeling mask itself is IDR 256.200
The MD's Pick box itself cost IDR 360.000, so it's already worth it!

Laneige Clear C Peeling Mask is made from natural ingredients
Such as, strawberry seeds and soft konjac granules. 
This products will provide a massage effect and effectively remove dead skin cells.

I was kinda skeptical about this peeling mask.
It's sooo soft, I thought it not gonna be strong enough to removes my dead skin.
But I was wronggg. My skin feels so smooth after using this.

can you see the texture?
The konjac granules are so soft, also the strawberry seeds won't harm your skin at all.
This is suitable for anyone who has sensitive skins.
It really help removes dead skin without scratching your face.

Anyway, even tho this product name is Peeling Mask, but you don't need to leave it on 
your face for a some minutes. I read the instruction and all you need to do is 
rinse well after massage for around 5-10 minutes.

Calmia Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Tissue

This product is actually one of my favorite.
I bought 2 pack before I receive this MD's Pick Box.
So I already know how it works and feel.

Calmia Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing tissue is the softest cleansing tissue I ever tried so far
They are so convenient. It also remove my makeup really nicely.
The only thing is, this doesn't really clean up mascaras.
It can removes waterproof eyeliners but mascara is harder to removes.
But I still love it. It's so practical and helpful when I'm kinda lazy to do proper cleaning. lol
This cleansing tissue won't dry out your skin, instead it will makes your skin feels hydrated.
Smells like baby powder which.. I don't mind at all.

Lebaton Ban Ban Cleanser

I was super excited when I receive this product because it's so practical
Lebaton Ban Ban Cleanser contains oil cleanser and deep pore gel cleanser (face wash)
Ban Ban means half-half, so that was the concept this product carry.

It also have separated pumps, so you won't mixed up both of product.
The packaging is really sturdy. 

The oil consistency is not too thick. It's pretty lightweight 
But, you really need a lot of pumps to remove heavy makeups.
I can't stand the smell of this. Especially the cleansing oil.
It smells like citrus car freshener.
I really can't stand it.
But the gel cleanser smells pretty good. It's also citrus but not as strong as the oil.
I actually love this products, it does a good job on melting my makeup off, the gel also help to remove the excess oil, it also doesn't dries out my skin
I just can't stand the smell of it. :(

Son&Park Face Lighting and Shading

I'm also excited to get this one because it's Son&Park baby~
I've been wanting a cream highlighter too.
The packaging is so amazing.
It's completely matte but there is Son&Park logo with glossy finish on top of it.
I love it so mucch, so sleek so elegant.
It's also magnetic. I was so excited because it's magnetic lol.

Just like it's name, Son&Park Face Lighting and Shading contains 2 shades
One is bright pink with fine glitter and the other is chocolate medium brown-ish

The shading is pretty warm, I was expecting  a lot from it.
The highlighting looks so glittery so I was assuming that's it's gonna looks chunky.
I was wrong.
The highlighter is not chunky at all.
The texture is soo creamy and easy to blend.
Super glowy but not too glittery.
It gives you a nice healthy dewy and glowy cheekbone.
On the other hand, the shading was to waxy compared to the highlighter.
It's kinda hard to blend also.
The color is pretty much the same with my skin tone so it looks like nothing on my face.
Not a fan but I can use it as a mixing when my foundation is too bright for me.

Catrin Diamond Mineral Foundation

It's been a long time since the last time I used powder foundations.
I usually stick to liquid or cream foundation.
But I was so interested to this product
because the applicator is so unique.

First, you need to open the cap, you'll see the puff inside.
But, you need to twist open the top (where the puff is) to open the "real" pacakging.
Throw the seal, or just cut it on the center (like what I did)
Cover it again with the puff and you're ready to use it.
Just tap the applicator in desired area, spread to event. You're done.

Catrin Diamond Mineral Foundation is finely milled
I don't know if you can tell but they have like a little bit of glow
Not, glittery or shimmery but a really nice sheen.
It's too light for my skin tone tho, still can use it as setting powder for my under eye area.

yes, my hand is tanned on the outside but pretty fair on the inside due to riding motorcycle without any gloves

Rire Luxe Volume Tint - Milano Red

As you guys already knows... I love lip products, and I love red.
So, this products is of course my fave!
On the Althea website, this lip tint looks so pigmented
And it's true!

I also love the applicator.
It's not your regular doe foot, but it's shaped like a scoop and slightly tilted.
It's really nice to apply on the inside of your lips to create gradation effects.
This products is super pigmentedddd. I love it so mucch.
A little goes a long way.

Milano Red is bright red color with a hint of orange.

But sadly, it's not really long wearing.
They do stain your lips, but will be gone after eating.
Still love the pigmentation tho.
Oh, another con.
This smells so perfume-y. I feel like eating flowers when wearing this.
But honestly, I don't care since the color is really pretty and the pigmentation is to die for.

Pure Smile Tea Pot Body Soap

The biggest products in the box.
The have a really pretty packaging.
Mine is a little bit leaked when it arrived but I don't mind at all.
Just a little leak.

The bottle is so pretty.
It give the Beauty and the Beast kinda vibe, right?
So classic and princess-y
This body soap smells so gooodddd.
And it last pretty long time.
The consistency is pretty runny tho, not thick and creamy like any other liquid soap.
But I love it so much. Smells so good, my skin feels so smooth also.
Love it so much!

So that's all, ladied
Althea MD's Pick Box is worth IDR. 1.650.601
But it only cost for IDR. 360.000
You save a lot of money ladies. Like really a lot. 
So the box is really worth it.
Stay tune at Althea Website to get another Trendy Box!

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This review is sponsored by Surabaya Beauty Blogger.
But as you might already know, my review are 100% honest.
So, thank you Surabaya Beauty Blogger for this opportunity. Love!



  1. Udah lama banget aku nggak belanja di Althea. Yang aku suka, dia produknya lumayan komplit dibanding e-commerce lain yang sejenis. Btw, Rire Luxe Volume Tintnya menggoda banget ya huhuhu jadi pengen beli

  2. Aku surprise banget liat isi produk" dlm beauty box nya Althea, bener" bikin ngiler sih! Padahal kalo dipisah" harganya cukup pricey, tp waktu jadi satu box bisa jauh banget perbandingannya, so lovely! Pengen banget cobain highlighter & contouringnya Son & Park <3 duh~~~



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