Thursday, 10 July 2014

Thick Body and Thin Pocket

Hello First of all. Let me introduce myself. Kekekeke....
My name is Redha Caraka Shinta. Currently studying Japanese in Universitas Negeri Surabaya.
I'm 91 liner (so obvious that i'm Kpoper for using that term)
And yes, I'm Kpoper. I really really like the music. even tho people say it's crappy but hey... come on. It's easy listening.
I love Korean style and Japanese style makeup. Gyaru or Ulzzang? why not both??
As a person who love Korean Japanese style of course i love taking selcas. I have a lot of it =_=
Here are some of my selca that i used for Yukkiyunna review on my insta. gotta post the full review of it here later.
Yukkiyunna Pure

Attempting to do gyaru makeup. LOL So about the title.
Why "Thick Body and Thin Pocket"
1. I'm fat
2. I'm broken

I'm weighed 80kg (maybe more.. i gained weigh recently,  damn )
And i'm just 158 cm tall. See? not ideal AT ALL! < I've mention that i'm a uni student right? that's why i'm broken..... But, i'm seeking for a job now. yay!
okay, so i'll just be honest here. I got Rp. 500.000 of pocket money every month. i have a catering business. i sell breakfast, lunch and dinner for my dorm mates. Sometimes my friend's sister called me for help on her work. Frankly i'm not making that much money. But, I do really really love make up and food. So that's why i'm making this blog. i'll write about beauty in budget and fooding in budget. Lol.
Korean and Japanese makeup (even tho it called drug store make up) they're not cheap for me. For example, that-famous-cushion-thingy, it cost almost half of my pocket money in a month. so.... i'm can't eat for around 2 weeks if i buy it. Maybe i sounds like a cheapskate lady but well... i want to live.
well, i still want to buy it anyway... so i need to begin saving. Saving for every make up and foods that i want to try.
Yes, i'm gonna blog about food also. Mostly snacks, since they are affordable (according to my pocket), some cafes, fast food resto and anything affordable. Kekekeke.

So, let the game begin. May the odds be ever in your favor
It's the real hunger game