Friday, 11 July 2014

REVIEW : Yukkiyuna Lashes in Pure and Allure

Hello everyone.
i'm baaaaack! So quick right. I've prepared some reviews ahead so, i'm gonna post quite often for some moment.

So cute right TT
Today's review is..... Yukkiyuna lashes in Pure and Allure!
Yukkiyuna is an Indonesia Handmade Lashes. 100% human hair and lightweight.
You could find them on Yukkiyuna Facebook or Yukkiyuna Instagram. They also have official distributors for each city. Ask them for the information of your city distributor's. For Surabaya area is Wishlist Makeup.
The price for each lashes originally are Rp. 16.000 for each lashes without glue. With glue it becomes Rp. 20.000. Not pricey for a high quality handmade lashes. Their glue are high quality also (forgot to take a pic. will take it in next review).

I knew them when i was wander around a beauty blog (i forgot which blog). Aaaaand I fall in love.
I keep postponed to order. I can't remember why. lol. But,  then! Wishlist Makeup held a bazaar at PTC (Pakuwon Trade Center) that just some minutes away from my dorm. We are destined to be together.
So, of course i'm going there the day after i knew the held bazaar. There are soooo many kind of lashes to choose. It's really hard to choose because all of them are sooo prettyyy. I can't resist. But then i choose the simples design that catch my eyes. It called Pure. Tbh, i'm not into lashes. I rarely wear them because, ehm...
http://eemoticons.neti have a natural *cough* curl lashes *cough*

So, here is how their packaging looks

I really like their mascot

handmade  lightweight  human hair  reusable

Pure has a thin hair strands and simple design. It really looks natural in my eyes. it doesn't looks like that i wear any. The strands in the outer corner are gradually longer that the center part, it makes my eyes seems longer and bigger. So pretty yet so natural.
Sorry about the mess. i've used it several times. 

This is how it's looks on my eyes


So pretty right. I really like it since it's so easy to use. The band is not stiff so it's easy to adjust the lashes. And it really really lightweight. The strands are soft and this lashes not gonna hurt your eyes like any other lashes.
Simple design (Good for someone who haven't try any lashes before)
It doesn't hurt your eyes
Very natural



I bought Allure after i bought Pure. I was going there again the day after. LOL. I really really like Pure and can't help myself to buy another design. Allure have quite fancy design. It just remind me of some gyaru lashes. Thick, fancy, sweet and flirty at the same time. Allure have a clear band which i really like.

Look at the clear band. 

Here is how it looks on my eyes.

Some selca.

Cute and Gyaru-ish design
It doesn't hurt your eyes
Clear band


I really like their lashes. it's not pricey compared to any other handmade lashes.
High quality. Their quality is not a joke.


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