Wednesday, 23 July 2014

REVIEW : MIZZU Eyeliner Pen

Hello!! Sorry if I didn’t post anything lately. I’m busy with my essay. Sigh.
Well, let’s move to MIZZU.

So, i’ve seen so many online shop sells this product using some of ulzzang pic which is make me really curious about them. Mizzu is a local brand and it's really popular now among beauty blogger. I've seek for some review of course. I've seen a lot of people claim that this eyeliner's pigmentation is not really good. But, then MIZZU Cosmetics held a video competition with a really nice prizes and i'm drooling over it. lol
Me and my friend decided t0o buy it. It cost only Rp. 25.000. So cheap for a pen style eyeliner. You could find them on their official instagram @mizzucosmetics or you can ask them for your city official distributor.

They come with plastic box. I like the design. It doesn't looks cheap at all. They include a tiny holder inside to prevent the eyeliner pen from moving or shaking. Nice!

The cap is really really secured perfectly. It's really good. No leaking. No drying products. A very good quality of packaging. The only thing i dislike about the packaging is the brand that written on the pen is easily erased if you stroke it with your finger. 

This eyeliner have a felt tip applicator. The tip is not stiff, it's quiet flexible and i really like it. There are no problem with the apllicator. 

Swatches on my hand + waterproof and smudge proof test

I've mention that many beauty blogger said that the pigmentation is not really good but i didn't find it that way. It has a nice pigmentation. Not pitch black just fine black. But, it's a little bit glossy. Just a little. I hate glossy eyeliner because it's tend to smudge and crumpled when you rub it. And see, it really is. BUT, this eyeliner only smudge if you rub it with your finger. i wear this in my eyes a day long but it's not smudge on my bottom line or my lids. So, just don't rub your eyes. lol. I never rub my eyes whenever i wear makeup anyway. And, they claimed you need to wait 30 seconds for waterproof effect. It's waterproof. Means it didn't get runny or wear off after i sprayed water unless you rub it.... it's gonna be a mess. But, again. i'm not gonna wear makeup when i swim. So, this eyeliner is just fine for me.

Here is how it's look in my eye. Looks fine, right?


Cheap lol
Nice applicator
Nice packaging
Easy to wear
Quick dry
Quiet pigmented


Not smudge proof (just don't rub your eyes, duh)
A bit glossy


Uh-huh! OFC!

Oh, yeah anyway, they released Chrome Gel Eyeliner in various colors. I really want to try one since i really really want Clio Gelpresso Eyeliner pencil so badly but it's so expensive. I'll try MIZZU Chrome Gel Eyeliner next time.

See you next post! (wish me luck with my essay!)


  1. Hah?mizzu locak brand ka?aku baru tau :o aku juga pernah nyoba nih punya temen aku dan enak bgt aplikasiin juga gampang cuman blm sempet beli ahahah

    1. iyah. kalo aku baca di iklan2 ama di blog2 sih local brand. hehehhe

  2. I use Mizzu eyeliner pen too but in brown. Maybe the black one is better in pigmentation. I was quite surprised as its not that pigmented, I need to apply two or three times to get the desired line. However, the price is affordable, so I don't really mind :D


    1. ah really. i want to try brown. and their new chrome gel liner. yes. with that price. it's good quality enough. :)

  3. It's super nice~ I really love felt tip eyeliner pens. <3 They're my favorite. And your eyes are super pretty! :D I love the circle lenses~ Hehe~ You have a new follower~ Keep blogging!

    Love, Aimee
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    1. oh my God sorry for the late reply. thanks a lot. you're so pretty >< thanks for following me. i've followed you back. <3

  4. Belum pernah cobain, murmer ya harganya. Okelah beli hitam sama coklatnya! #niatbanget

    1. iya murmer bgt. dan cukup bgus kok. bisa dicoba bgt. hehehe