Sunday, 13 July 2014

REVIEW : Etude House Dear Darling Tint 02 Real Red

I'm so so so so happy with this tint. Maybe because this is my first tint ever. Kekekeke. So exited.
I bought Dear Darling Tint 02 리얼 레드 (lieol ledeu) or Real Red. I choose this color because i really want a red color for my first lip tint, not pinkish, not orange or purple-ish. Just red, yeah real red one. But i also want orange colored tint but it was out of stock. I bought it in Beauty Pretty Shoppe for only Rp. 45.000. YAY!

The packaging simple but still pretty. The cap secured nicely. This tint have a doe foot apllicator. It smells like berries (between cherry and grape scent). The flavor is sweet yet bitter which i don't really like but come on, i'm not gonna eat this. So it doesn't really bother me.

This tint is water based but has a jelly like texture. I've seen so many review about this tint. Some people said it's not pigmented. Okay, i have a TIPS for you all. DO NOT BLEND IT RIGHT AWAY, LET IT DRY FOR ABOUT 1 MINUTE FOR THE BEST RESULT. And use the applicator, if u use your finger to blend it will smear on your finger instead. Look at the picture bellow.

  1. Blended using applicator and wait after 1 minute.
  2. Blend right away after application using my finger.
  3. Swatch
Just don't ever try to blend with your finger, it gonna smear on you finger instead. just like this.

You could use your finger to blend the edges to create a gradation look but just don't blend it all.

The color turn out really pretty on my lips. Kyaaaa~~ It's just like i'm eating a lot of cherries. 
This tint strangely not really pigmented on my upper lips even tho i've wait for a minute. But, i've read so many people get he same proble. I guess, it's because the upper lips skin is thicker than bottom lips. Remember when your lips dried and chapped? Which lips tend to dried and chapped more? Mostly bottom lips. So maybe that is the reason why it doen't really pigmented on our upper lips. It stays on my lips about 3-4 hours. But since this month is  fasting time it stay longer because i didn't eat or drink. LOL. And I don't mid to putting it again and again.

So, my rate

Packaging : 3/5
Pigmentation : 4/5
Staying power : 3/5
Aroma/Flavor : 3/5 
(this doesn't really matter to me)

Overall : 4/5



I love full lips!! kyaaaa~~
See you next post!!

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