Wednesday, 16 July 2014

REVIEW: Red-A Lipstick 619 , 612 , 626

Hello everyone whoever love to read my blog. kekekeke. I'm back with one of my favorite Indonesian brand. It's Red-A. Tbh, people called me Red-A since i was a kid because of my name is similar. Lol. And i remember back then every time i saw Red-A commercial on television my eyes gone shiny because they have a lot of pretty colors! Like their famous blue eyeshadow that always appearing on every Red-A commercial. It's just pretty and funky. I love it. I always wanting to grow up and try them on.

But then when I grow up... I ignored this brand. Frankly, their recent commercial is not as pretty as i seen when i was a kid. They didn't follow recent trend of makeup for their commercial and it's just boring. In my opinion there are a lot of Indonesian brand that still stick with old school type of makeup like, bright vivid colors, matte makeup, and everything is just vivid and defined. Meanwhile, natural makeup is a hit right now. Even their packaging is still the old school ones. They never change their packaging as i remember. (Psst i just find their newest commercial on their website and it's so pretty oh gosh i'm so sorry for being ignorant. check it out.)

boring packaging but it doesn't matter

Someday, my friend and i was talking about makeup and she told me her lipstick is only Rp. 10.000 and I was like "Whaaat???". She told me that she use Red-A. I was so exited because any other Indonesian brand is just not that cheap tho they still affordable. Like Sariayu lipstick the cheapest was around Rp. 25.000. I was called any makeup bellow Rp. 20.000 is a toy makeup because they didn't have a good quality. They tend to dried your lips and so. i Start to browse the review and any other Red-A product review.

After that i just go to Hypermart and they were having a huge SALE. Buy one get one, 20% - 50 % discount, 70% discount in second purchase just any kind of sale we were dreamed. I tried a lot of their lipstick and my hand full off swatches. LOL. and i decided to buy number 612. This is really bother me. Their shades only have numbers. Why don't they give a cute catchy fun names for them. They have A LOT OF SHADES! 54 SHADES! I REPEAT! 54!! That's a lot of fuuuun!! You could check them out on their website, here. But better you go to their counter and just try them on. The swatches is a bit different on their web and in real life.

So apparently i've collected 3 shades of them. 619 is a red orange, 612 is pink with red undertone (i guess. lol) and 626 which is reddish brown. Gosh i'm so bad at describing the colors.

619  612  626
Sorry about the mess. I cut the tip of 619 and 612 to make a homemade colored lip balm. lol.

pretty colors aren't they
Swatchen on my hand. I really like how 619 turn out.

Swatch on my lips. Gradation and full
I really really like 619. This is the first Red-A lipstick that i purchased. And I'm a fan of orange color. 619 is an orange color with red undertone. maybe i should called this Hot Tangerine. LOL. (seriously they need a name)

This is my first pink colored lipstick i swear. Most of my lipsticks are red, orange, nude, brown or any warm toned color. I've tried some pink lipsticks but it doesn't turn out pretty IMO. But then i found this color that i find it really really pretty. I called this Candy Pink. It's so cute, sweet and flirty ant the same time. love. Anyway it seems like Red-A change their color range because on their web and some of review 612 is a warm red color not this hot pink. But i got mine this color for 612. 

 626 is a natural brown with a hint of orange. It's not as brown as it shown on the stick. The color is sheer and very very natural just like my lips but better. It's great for natural makeup looks. I named it Sweet Mocha. lol why do i named them.. I guess Red-A need to hire me.

Their texture is a creamy. Some people might say it feel a little heavy but i didn't find it that way. it doesn't dried your lips but emphasize dry lips. Staying power is depends on the person i guess. Lipstick tend to stay for long on my lips. About 4-5 hours and of course it's gonna fade after eating. But i'm a person who never bother to touch up. The only thing that bother me a bit is the smell. It's so chemical but it will be gone after some minutes so it's fine.

Overall Rating




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  1. Merk Red A aku pakai lip balm-nya, harganya terjangkau dan bikin lembab di bibir.. Mungkin nanti mau coba lipstick-nya ^^

    1. iyah, coba aja. bgus kok dg harga yg terjangkau gitu ya udah bagus bgt. :)

  2. Orange one looks nice on you :)
    Btw, Main ke blog daku yooOoo :D