Thursday, 12 May 2016

REVIEW : Garnier Light Complete White Speed Serum & Serum Cream

Hello Pretty Dolls
This post should be up since long time ago
As always, I'm just being dumb and can't manage my time

I got this from Home Tester Club
I've been really curious of this product since everyone joined the "Tantangan 6 Hari"
They claim to make your skin brighter after 6 days of use.
How cool is that.

The first time I opened the packaging I was kinda disapponted by the serum
It's sooo tiny and a big box.
Surpisingly, it last longer than I expected.
There still much product up till now.
Actually, I ever tried some of Garnier cream and I hate it.
It makes my skin more oily than before.
I already have oily skin and they make it worst. Imagine.

If you confused why there are 3 boxes.
It's just the packaging.
The serum or super essence has a slide packaging over the box one, is that make any sense?
The packaging is just like any other skincare boxes.
What's makes me happy is, they put a paper holder to prevent the tubes from wiggling around.
I always appreciate small things like that. Holder, seal, etc

I like how the serum (super essence) tube shaped like that
It prevent the runny serum to be spilled everywhereeee
The serum contain 10 ml of products
ANd the serum cream is 20 ml
I just find out that they're quite expensive.
Well, expensive for some people I guess. 
Kinda affordable, kinda not
Super essence is around Rp. 35.000
Serum cream is Rp. 30.000

The testure of the serum is watery
It's pretty light. Just feels like water, not sticky at all.
The serum cream has the same texture like Pond's or any other Garnier cream products.
To be quite hinest, I don't really like cream products like this.
The tend to make my skin even more oily thorough the day

The Garnier Light Complete White Speed (long af) Super Essence claim to 
- Skin Tone is fairer, more transparent & even
-Skin Texture is smoother, more refined
- Dark spots are smaller, lighter, less visible
Garnier Light Complete White Speed Serum Cream claim to
- Up to 3 tones fairer
-Fades out acnes and dark marks
- All day 12H Shine Free Lock
- Evens out skin tone
- Long lasting oil control effect

How is my experience?
 Fairer skin tone? 3 tones fairer? Not really.
Hardly notice that in real life. 
It's a littleeeeee bit fairer.
I don't think the indicator they give is useful enough.

Smoother skin texture? YASSS
They do make my skin feels sooo smooth. 

Dark spots? yeah, it's fading
Here is a proof. I can tell they become smaller and fading

All day 12H oil free? Yes, when I'm not waering any makeup
I'm really impressed when the first time I tried it.
I fall asleep but I can't feels my skin become oily at all.
Usually everytime I wake up, my skin become sooo oily. 
I was so exited until I tried it under my make up.
See? Ignore my sloppy makeup

So, this serum and cream is either hit or miss for me
I love how it makes my skin smoother and my dark spots fade.
I hate how it makes my face oily when I use my make up.
I want to try another brightening cream/serum


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