Friday, 13 May 2016

TUTORIAL: Neutral Spring Make Up

Lol, I sounds too exited.
But yes! I'm exited because finally, I could post this tutorial
You know what? I've filming this 3 times. 
I'm adjusting the lighting here and there, so I have to film it 3 times.
The first was so unfortunate fo me, because all of sudden my camera went off.
And I can't turn it on. I don't know why. T.T
Then, when it fixed, the lighting is too weird. My face looks so yellow.
And the third, which is thin one, too bright,
what the....
So, I just had to upload it, because I'm tired, and it's not too bad.

As I've already said, the lighting is too bright, so, the color appear brighter than in real life.
In real life it looks more like this.
 It's a natural, brown, pink, rose gold eye looks.
I put the products on my description box, so make you sure you read them. *wink*
I hope it's not late to uploading a spring makeup tutorial. 

And again, all I used in this video is Indonesian brand, that's all I have on my makeup stash.
Indonesian brand is affordable, some are not so good, but most of them will surprise you!
They're not as bad as you think they are. 
Maybe the packaging might turn you off, but they quality won't.
The most important is be creative.
When a product didn't work like how you want it to be
Make it!
Not pigmened? use primer!
The color is weird? Mixed it!
When there is a will, there is a way.
Unless you have allergic reaction or it breaks you out.

Why do I ramble again!
So I hope you guys enjoy the video.
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Love ya!



  1. Kakk untuk milani foundation yg cocok untuk kulit sawo matang shade apa yaa!/?

    1. kulit aku ini termasuk sawo matang. temen aku yang kulitnya lebih gelap dari aku jg masih oke pake shade sand beige. kalo km mau yang lebih gelap ada shade Sand dan Tan. Km cek aja review review shade tertentu yang kira-kira cocok buat kamu. :D