Friday, 19 August 2016

EVENT REPORT: Bangkok Beauty 2nd Branch Soft Opening

How's it goingggg....?
Today I'm gonna share you another Event Report.
Bangkok Beauty 2nd Branch Soft Opening!!!

Bangkok Beauty is a Hair Removal Salon
What's the different from any other hair removal salon?
Bangkok Beauty use SHR technology for their treatment.
What's SHR technology?
Please keep reading to find out more.

The new branch of Bangkok Beauty is located in PTC Ground Floor #C7-28
They also do a collaboration with Me-Nail to provide waxing as temporary hair removal and nail express service. 
Bangkok Beauty also have eyelash extension treatment. 

cute nails and lashes display

They have special price for this soft opening until the end of this month I guess.
So, If you want to get a permanent hair removal. Grab if fast guys!!

SHR (Super Hair Removal) is the newest and improved laser technology  that works by photothermolysis.
This technology use the light and heat to destroy a target.
So, SHR will simply destroy the root of you hair slowly until they completely gone.
But, each person have different hormones.
The owner explained to us, some of their customers dis the treatment and it success, but after they got pregnant the hair grows back due to the hormonal changing. 
The final result and how long you'll need the treatment is depends on your hormones.

 The treatment room and also the laser device.
SHR machine is the improved type IPL technology which already known as hair removal treatment also.
What's make it difference? SHR machine is designed for hair removal. Let's just say, SHR is stronger than IPL, because IPL can be used for skin treament and SHR can't be used for skin treatment.
Laser treatment for hair removal is highly recommended.
I believe that most of use are using razor to eliminate every single body hair.
Razor might be practical, but it also has a lot of downside.
It could cause ingrown hair (the roots of your hair will grow but got trapped under your skin), chicken skin, pore clogging, etc. 

We also got a chance to see the treatment process but I only got one picture, because during treatment you have to wear glassed due to the light beam.
Please head over Gadis's Blog for more picture

After the owner give as a full tour and explanation, it's lunch time.
I must say... this is the best lunch I ever had at this kind of event. LOL.
Just look at them!
They also consider to the Muslim blogger about the meal.
Bangkok Beauty give us the best treat. Thank you so much!!

darn cute cupcakess!!

mouthwatering chicken, noodles and sayur asin (salted vegetables)
what are you guys talking about??? lol
my outfit that day

I have so much fun at this event. 
After hearing about the treatment, I want to do some too.
I'm a hairy girl, I grow hair everywhere but weirdly not on my armpit. LMAO. 
I have a lot of hair on my legs, hands, back but again not my armpit. My body is weird, I know.

Bangkok Beauty also give us a super nice goodie bag.

Inside the goodie bag:
  • Malieco Coconut Oil Shampoo
  • Luffa Turmeric, Tamarind, Honey Soap
  • Malieco Lip Balm 
  • Kael Lashes HR59
  • Flash Tattoo
  • Voucher Bangkok Beauty

If any one of you want to try some permanent hair removal treatment I have a 
This discount code can be used at PTC brach only and it's valid until 30 Sept 2016!
 Use for treatment/package appointment and you'll get 30% off.


Bangkok Beauty Indonesia
PTC Ground Floor #C7-28
+62 813 577 57 628
Instagram : @bangkokbeautyid
Email :



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