Tuesday, 16 August 2016

REVIEW: EOS Anuna Grey Green Lens

It's been so long since the last time I posted a review of contact lenses. 
Today is the day!
EOS Anuna Grey Green is a super pretty contact lenses and I fall in love right away.

So I ordered this EOS Anuna from Kawaigankyu
Everybody know Kawaigankyu I guess, but honestly this is my first time purchasing lenses from them. lol.
First, because I was attracted tho this EOS Anuna and I haven't see any other shop sell this lenses.
Two, they just launch their new website and have discount code for their opening.
I just quickly clicked it and placed my order.

why do my owl looks pathetic here lol
And I'm not disappointed at all.
Just look at their packaging! They are pretty affordable but their effort to satisfy the customer is lit.
I'm impressed. They ship internationally too. So check them out if you want to buy some cute lenses.
Kawaigankyu also have wide selection of lenses.
THIS IS NOT SPONSORED. I just love to share everything I love. They are good and people should know it. 

EOS Anuna Grey Green comes with vial bottle.
There are so many people love blister packaging more but personally I prefer vial.
Even tho it's pretty hard to open it, but once you master the how-to-open-vial you'll like it.
Kawaigankyu also put a card inside their packaging. It explain how to open vial lid and return warranty.
I'm so appreciate their move because like I've already said, 
there are a lot of people struggled to open the lid.

If you've been reading my blog since the very beginning, you know that I'm obsessed with grey colored contacts. I have a story, lemme tell you real quick
When I was a kid, I read a comic books and the main character is a vampire. His eyes is silver.
I've read a lot of mangas, books, anything and vampire always have a silver eyes.
What the heck Stephenie Meyer?? It's not gold!!
Edward is hot but I hopeeee his eyes is silver. (his dad is 1000 times hotter tbh)
Okay so, the first lens I bough is grey, obviously.
I fall in love, of course, like always. I've tried another color like green, brown or even blue but I can't.
I just love grey way too much. It suits me the best (I guess)
natural lighting and flash
I've been wanting a circle lens without outer ring.
Lens that's have a big diameter but no black ring, so it's not waaay too dolly looking.
EOS Anuna caught my eyes right away.
It has decent enlarging effect, the color appear quite natural but it's so bright. 
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE IT!
The color is grey-ish green. Just like it's name.
Even tho I love grey lenses, the grey and green combination is just soo beautiful..
I really like it. I want this kind of color for so long
It's mysterious yet so dreamy.

EOS lenses are pretty comfortable. I can wear it for 4-6 hours.
My right eye become drier faster than my left eye. Weird. 
Do you guys have the same problem with your eyes?

Let's take a closer look to the design.

Enlarging effect :  4/5
Comfort: 3/5
Diameters: 15.0 mm
Color: Grey Green
Price: IDR 135.000

SCORE: 4/5

So, this is how it looks like on me



  1. Ini yang biasae kamu pake itu ta kak?
    Aku pernah pake EOS tapi kok ngganjel ala-ala


    1. aku gak sih, dua kali udah pke eos. cuma mata kananku emang suka ganjel, pke lens apapun dan udah dibersihin macem apapun, semacam lebih cepet kering

  2. Cakeeep <3
    Aku berani pakai seperti ini kalau full makeup aja hehe.

    1. sama kok, Indira. aku juga baru pake klo pke makeup aja. kalo bare fac aneh bgt. :D

  3. SUMPAAAAAH ini pattern nya asik banget.. matanya bisa langsung tajam gitu ya? aku harus beli ini deh keknya..

    1. Iya kak Dien. patternya emang unik, bikin mata tajem.
      Ayuk ayuk beli jugaaa :D

  4. duhh, kakak kok cantik banget sihh :* :*

    1. awww, makasiiih banyak.
      thank you for visiting :D