Friday, 26 August 2016

REVIEW : Nabi Matte Long Lasting Lip Gloss (Mocha, Mocha II, Plum, Orange, Real Red, Blackberry)


First of all, today's review is sponsored by @kutekmurah
However, every single things I wrote is my VERY OWN OPINION.
KutekMurah did not pay me to say something good, either about the products or their online shop.
 This review is a 100% my own opinion.

KutekMurah sent me 6 of Nabi Matte Long Lasting Lip Gloss to try out.
I was super exited choosing the colors.
They have a super wide rang of colors and I was having a hard time to choose which one I want the most.
Then, I choose Mocha, Mocha II, Plum, Orange, Real Red, and Blackberry  
I've been wanting nude, earthy tone and super dark lips, that's why I choose
Mocha, Mocha II and Blackberry
I choose Plum, Real Red and Orange is just because they are all my favorite lipstick color.

Their packaging is really similar to NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
I don't have NYX SMLC but I've seen it a lot that I became familiar with it.
At first, I thought Nabi Matte packaging will be really small, but it's not.
the packaging made from plastic, not heavy at all. But it doesn't feel cheap though. 
They also contains 0,32oz/9g
It's quite a lot, for comparison:
So, Nabi Matte Long Lasting Lip Gloss has quite a lot of products inside their packaging.

They have sticker on the bottom of the bottle and it show you the color's code and name.
The actually has a seal sticker on the bottle, the are barcode, shade's name and code also written in it.
But, I forgot to take a picture of it.

Nabi Cosmetics is LA based cosmetic company but their products are made in China
I know what you're thinking, their name is weird right?
Nabi means prophet in Bahasa but I guess, Nabi meas butterfly here.
They put a tiny butterfly logo beside their brand name and Korean for butterfly is 나비 (nabi)
I don't know the story behind their name actually. I'm just guessing based on their logo.
Because, their website didn't give me any further information about their brand or products.
You can visit them here
PS: I can't find the Matte Long Lasting Lip Gloss there.

Nabi Matte Long Lasting Lip Gloss has a tiny doe foot applicator
I find them pretty comfortable. 
They take enough product for one swipe for your bottom or upper lips.
This liquid lipstick is pretty quick drying. That;s why you need to dip it again for another swipe.
If not, it gonna be really patchy.
They have matte finish, dead matte but it's sticky.
If you ever tried LA Girls Matte Flat, you know what I mean. 
Just don't smack your lips or you'll ruin everything. 


Nabi Matte Long Lasting Lip Gloss formula is different for each color.
Some of them are pretty opaque and smooth, some of the are kinda sheer and patchy.
This liquid lipstick smells like vanilla cupcake (artificially) but it will be one once you applied it on your lips.
It won't linger all day.
They last pretty long time, about 5-8 hours depends on what you eat for lunch.


Mocha : Mocha is a peachy nude color. Smooth and less patchy formula. It's pretty pale on my skin.
Mocha II: Mauve nude color. It looks greyish on my hand but more purple-ish on my lips. So pretty, the smoothest among all of them and not patchy at all. MY FAV
Orange: NEON ORANGE! Perfect summer color. There is a lot of white in this color. Super patchy no matter how many layer you put on, it's getting patchier and patchier. 
Real Red: Just like it's name. It's really red. Pretty neon, blue undertone. A little bit sheer, you can build it up. A littleeeee patchy, but you can make it work. Just be careful. lol
Plum: This shade is like the darker version of Mocha II. It's a nice plum color. It's as smooth as Mocha II and also not patchy. My second fav.
 Blackberry: Deep red vampy color. It's pretty sheer and patchy so you need to work with it. Definitely need 2 coats.

I'm not a fan of a super pale nude lipstick


+ cheap (Rp. 35.000 @kutekmurah)
+ pigmented
+ smells niced
+ long lasting
+ wide colors selection

- inconsistent formula
- sticky
- some are patchy

I want their Nutmeg shade, but I don't know whether I want to buy this again or not.


You can buy this at KutekMurah. I've been their customer even before this. 
I bought plenty products from them.
They are Surabaya based online shop. So, if you're living in Surabaya, 
your package will come on the same day as they sent it to you.
They are also super cheap and up to date with the products.
They actually have a store, but it closed down recently and I'm super sad.
Because I love shopping at their store. 
Check them out here:

Instagram : @kutekmurah 

You can also check my previous review of products that I bought from KutekMurah if you're not comfortable with this sponsored review.

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Yes, I'm lipstick hoarder!



  1. i really love the Real Red shade but masih galau mau beli merk ini apa enggak, dari review orang orang masih kurang sreg hehehe


    1. Shade real red butuh sekitar 2 coat biar hasilnya bener2 rata. :D
      emang agak tricky sih jadinya karena tiap warna formula dan performanya beda2. \

      thank you for visiting :D

  2. first of all, the name is very confusing, MATTE long lasting lip GLOSS xD kenapa disebutnya lip gloss enggak lip cream gitu... suka sama mocha and mocha II.. walaupun warnanya juga enggak sama dengan judulnya... mocha biasanyakan kecoklatan,, ini mah kenapa jatuhnya malah jadi peachy sama mauve.. xD nice swatch :)

    1. yups. namanya emang bikin bingung, matte but gloss? lol. serupa ama LA Girls Matte Flat Finish Pgment Gloss, udah ada yg pernah bahas sih, mungkin gloss yg dimaksud bukan gloss = glossy (berkilau) tapi "permukaan halus" but yeah, emang bkin bikin bingung. hahaha :D

      iyaaaa, aku jg beli mocha dengan harapan warnanya coklat ala ala kylie but, Mocha and Mocha II is not brown at all

      Thank you for visiting Rahma!

  3. sukaa bangett warna mochanyaaa. murah tp sayangnya sticky yaa :(

    XOXO, Cilla

    1. iya bener. sayang bgt sticky. tapi karena sebelumnya aku udah terbiasa ama LA Girl jadi ya gak papa sih. hehehe

  4. Loh aku kira warna mocha bakal sedikit lebih gelap, awalnya tertarik banget sama warna mocha tapi sekarang jadi ragu bakalan terlalu pucat di aku :(

    1. sama Rani, aku juga mikir gituuu. hahaha. ternyata pucet