Monday, 22 August 2016

REVIEW: Pixy Radiant Finish Lightening Cream Complete Barrier

 Hello Pretty Dolls!
I back with a local product review
And surprisingly, it's not lipstick.
It's a lightening cream!! Yay!
This cream claim to be function as pre base makeup aka primer also
And it also claim to make you powder blend smoothly and last longer
So, is it true or nah?

Pixy Radiant Finish Lightening Cream Complete Barrier (what a long ass name)
is lightening cream that will protect your skin from the adverse sunlight and make you skin brighter.
It contains Shakuyaku Extract, a natural whitening ingredient from Japan.
They also claim to have Double Barrier, SPF 20 & PA++ to protect your skin 
from UVA and UVB also maintain your skin moistness.

I actually knew this product from my mom.
She have it on her drawer and I read the whole description.
There's one thing that caught my eyes immediately

"ACTIVE VEIL FORMULA. With the function of pre base makeup, resulting facial skin visibly brighter and flawless in an instant. Powder blends well and last long" 
So, this can also work as primer they said.
I tried the product once, but I'm not satisfied with it.
I want to play around more and decided to buy it.

I want to proof their claim of course, and I was super exited
because, if this will be good it means we have a affordable local primer, right.
I'm always excited for local products.

They come in a blue-silver metallic box. 
The actual packaging comes in a tube.
Pixy Radiant Finish Lightening Cream comes in two size, 20ml and 100ml.
I bought the 20ml one. 
The packaging is pretty sleek and slim, travel friendly.

The also come in squeezy tube, which I like because it feels more hygiene for me.
The mouth of the tube (what do u guys called it?) is long cone shaped.
So clean and easy to control.

But how about their claim to be primer? Did it work?
Pixy  Radiant Finish Lightening Cream has a slippery texture. 
It easy to absorbed and not feel thick or heavy at all.
Also, it doesn't make your face feels greasy whatsoever.
And it also make my skin appear brighter but not overwhelmingly white.

I tried this as primer, under my foundation, but it tend t move around when I apply my foundation.
My foundy became more slippery and patchy but not that bad.
The problem is you need to wait for it to absorbed completely.
And how is it? Does it prolongs my makeup?
NO. It's not. At all.
I'm kinda disappointed but kinda not.

Second time, I read their claim one more time.
They said POWDER not makeup.
So, I tried to put it on my skin and applying my powder without any bb cream, foundation or any kind of base except the cream. 
The powder will become more pigmented and has more coverage.
It sticks and blends better to your skin.

can you see it guys?

So, if you're a girl who hate wearing foundation or bb cream or cc cream
and tend to go out with powder only, you can definitely try this Pixy Lightening Cream.


What I Like

- brighten your skin 
- moist
- smell nice
- nice packaging (hygiene)
- affordable (Rp. 15.000)
- prolong your POWDER

What I don't really Like
 - doesn't work under my foundation!!



  1. Waah pixy ada produk begini juga ya ternyata. Apa cream ini bisa membuat powdernya jadi lebih tahan lama dan kulit wajah gak cepat minyakan?

    1. Iya, kalo pake bedak doang awet dan bedaknya lebih nempel. sayangnya klo dipake dibawah foundation gak ngefek apa apa sih. hehehehe

  2. bisa di coba nihhh, makasih kak udah ngeracunin XD

    1. coba aja dek, enak kok dipakenya :D bedak jadi awet

  3. Aku dulu punya yg pink, ufah repurchase 3 kali to sekarang udah gak, kulit ku bosen sepertinya jadi breakout.

    Itu ngefek banget sesuai klaim di aku, asal di tunggu sampai meresap baru pakai yg lain , suka banget deh (dulu)!!!

    1. woh, udah bosen kulitnya. XD

      iya aku juga nunggu sih, tapi kok kurang ngefek klo dibawah foundie, atau mungkin akun kurang lama nunggunya? hehehe

  4. Produk yang di review ini termasuk pelembab atau bukan ya?