Monday, 17 October 2016

REVIEW : City Color The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Hello Pretty Dolls
Finally, I have a palette to review.
I have some palette but they are just contains 4 colors so I kinda didn't consider it as palette. Lol. I know, I'm weird.
But here we go, City Color The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette.

I bought this from @kutekmurah
And I remember buying this when I was having as super bad day.
My mood was sooooooo ruined by everything then I go roaming kutekmurah website. The buy button has clicked. Yep.

But I'm not mad since I've been wanting this kind of neutral colors palette since forever.
City Color The Nudes is affordable too, it was only Rp.100.000.
Kutekmurah actually had a discount of City Colour Spice Me Up but that pallete is full of shimmer eyeshadows and they don't have color that dark enough to my liking so I choose the nude over Spice Me Up

When the package arrive I was kinda surprised that it's smaller than I thought it would be.
The packaging made from plastic. It feels fragile but hey it's affordable. What do you expect.
It comes with two sponge applicator.
You know what, I already hit pan on one of the colors. -_-" I know I'm crazy, but i really love that color tho.
This palette contains 10 matte and shimmer combination. As the name suggest, it's all about neutral colors.
The has brown, shimmery white, bronze, burgundy etc. But there are no black. I'm fine with it tho.

At first I thought that this eyeshadow gonna be really powdery and messy. It's not but it's not super buttery either. There are some colors that are really buttery, some are kinda chalky but still gives decent pigmentation. They do work better on my eyelids than on my hand.
Swatches didn't do justice to theeeem.
I never put primer before applying this eyeshadow but the color are pretty okay. I mean they are not va va voom pigmented but decent. Not too bad, not too good either. Get it?

City Color The Nudes Palette are pretty easy to blend on my lids. I'm actually impressed by their quality. So cheap so good. I hope they will comes in a bigger palette and give name to every single shades. I love when shades has name. For example, I'll give that dark brown color name "Hot Dadda" and that shimmery burgundy as "Fabulous Wine"
WTF, I know. Sorry.


As you can see, their pigmentation is pretty okay right. So, I'll try to explain the color one by one

  1. Shimmery white with a very muted beige undertone. The shimmer is really subtle. It also has tiny tiny glitter.
  2. Pure metallic bronze. The most pigmented of them all
  3. Shimmery white with muted golden yellow undertone. It's similar with No. 1 but diff undertone. This shade is super perfect for highlighter. 
  4.  Matte true brown. It has neutral undertone, not too red-ish or grey-ish
  5. Dark brown with gold shimmer and gold tiny little glitter. It kinda looks duo chrome due to the gold shimmer.
  6. Matte Ash Brown. This one is a cool tone brown but not too grey (?) 
  7.  Peach with gold shimmer and glitter. It's pretty but this shade is kinda powdery
  8. Matte Dark Brown. Also neutral undertone, no fall out, and pigmented.
  9. My favorite!! I don't know how to explain! It's like a skin tone with gold shimmer. Somehow it looks like a pale gold. I love it as a highlighter on ma cheek it looks so subtle and beautiful. Yes, this is the that hit pan already.
  10. Dark taupe brown with gold shimmer. This color is also beautiful and super pigmented. It looks kinda green-ish on my swatch but in real life is more taupe brown.
  11. Eggplant purple with gold shimmer and pink glitter. this is the only one that has pink glitter. the other are gold glitters
  12. Warm red brown. It's almossstt burgundy but there are no purple in it. This colors is so pretty for transition shade.


+ decent pigmentation
+ afforadable
+ contains 12 colors
+ travel friendly
+ easy to blend

- some are powdery
- matte colors are less pigmented

Repurchase? I don' know, I wan to try a lot of palettes with this kind of color scheme. But this one is worth the money tho.

Kutekmurah website:
Instagram: @kutekmurah


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    1. ayo limasss, keracunan ayooo. :D *hipnotis*