Saturday, 8 October 2016

REVIEW: Ovale Cleansing Gel Aloe Vera Anti Acne

Today i'm gonna share you a review of the newest Ovale cleanser products. 
Ovale are known for their Facial Lotion.
It's a pretty good cleansing product for me
So, how about the cleansing gel? 
Does it have the same burning sensation? 
Could it removes everything except your sins?
SOme people hate Ovale Facial Lotion because it has a super strong alcohol smell and some people said that it burn their face.
I don't feel they burn my face but yes, the alcohol smellis kinda strong
The packaging is somehow fancier than Ovale Facial Lotion we knew.
It's the same plastic but the design is just a lot cuter and fresh looking.
It contains 100ml of gel which last really long lime.
I haven't finish it in a month and you know I wear makeup everyday.
Ovale Gel Cleanser claim to be a
Non-rinsed cleanser
Removes dirt and makeup stain
 Formulated with Aloe Extract
Enriched with Lemon extract, helps to treat acne.

It's actually work like a regular cleanser
The different is, you didn't pour it on your cotton pad
Instead, you spread the gel and rub it all over you face then wipe it with cotton pad.
Just like when you clean you face with milk cleanser, but you didn't need any toner with this.
However, even tho they said that I don't need to rinse this.
I still do wash my face with facial foam afterward.
Double cleansing is very important. NO MATTER WHAT.
I'm actually very very strict about cleaning my face, because that's where I put my makeup on.
Even tho your makeup product are paraben free or vegan or anything that you think it's save.
The still probably clog you pore. You definitely need to clean your face twice
  1. With face cleanser (milk cleanser, all in one cleanser, micellar water, whatever you go)
  2. Facial foam or facial wash. 
Facial wash help to rinse away every makeup residue that can't be removed with your regular cleanser 
because they might be hiding on your pores and any tiny lines that can't be reach with cotton pad.
Okay, go back to Ovale Cleansing Gel.
They actually feel so much better that the Ovale Facial Lotion.
This gel cleanser doesn't have burning or strong alcohol smell.
It feels super soft and refreshing adn it smells sooo goood.
Like a combination of cucumber and papaya? I don't know but it's sooo good and fresh!
As you can see, They didn't totally remove my liquid lipstick and mascara on my hand swatch.
And actually, it didn't removes my liquid lipstick on my actual lips.

I'm actually kinda disappointed because I thought it gonna be like Pixy Cleansing Gel that cleanse everything, even waterproof makeup.
But, then I realize something.
Pixy Cleansing Gel has an oil base when this Ovale Cleansing Gel is water base.
It does explain a lot and actually I don't mind to clean my liquid lipstick with baby oil or any other eye & lips makeup remover.

Ovale Cleansing gel actually has two variant, one is Anti Ance and the other is Whitening.
The whitening cleansing gel comes in a pink bottle that's also cute.
I bought this for only around 16.000 - 18.000 rupiah
I kinda forgot how much but it's pretty cheap.
You only need around 4-5 drops to clean your entire face. 

Honestly, I prefer water cleanser than gel because I like my face to feel wet.
Gel consistency make the cotton pad like pulling my face? Is that make sense
Because gel is a little bit drier than water right. 
Aside from that, Ovale Cleansing Gel is still a good cleansing, a better alternative for Ovale Facial Lotion if you hate a strong alcohol smell and burning sensation.

- Affordable
- Nice smell
- No alcohol scent

- Didn't removes waterproof makeup
- Gel is drier than water, the cotton pad is pulling my face

Please remember that every single words I wrote is my very own opinion and it might be different from other person's experience, even you.



  1. aku belum pernah kak nyoba cleansing yang gel kayak gini, dan kayaknya harus aku coba deh. kepincut sama klaim nya yg "acne care" :D

    btw aku follow blog kakak, kalau nggak keberatan boleh follback balik XD hehehe


    1. Halo, iya boleh dicoba banget nih. Cleansing gel rasanya lebih adem jadi seger gitu. :D

      thank you for visiting yaa. Sudah aku folback. :D makasih banyaaak

  2. Eehhhh tidak sesuai ekspektasiku ternyata. Tapi nanti deh kalau nemu aku pelototin dulu ingredients-nya. Makasih mb Red *peluk*

    1. sama aku juga, dia mengandung castor oil sih. tapi basenya water. masih ampuh pixy cleansing gel, tapi pixy minyaknya banyak. kalo nyari ampuh pixy, kalo nyari seger2an ini. wkwkwkw. sama sama Limassss :*

  3. waaaahh baru lihat cleansing gel ini :O
    Jadi pengen coba'in juga.. Thanks for sharing^^

  4. Baru tau ada produk ini. Ntr kapan kapan kalo liat mau coba ah! Tp kayanya untuk bersihin makeup yang agak berat susah ya

  5. Nyesel banget beli produk ini.. Menurutku ga bersih aja pas sesi bersih2 muka pake gel ini, masih mending viva susu pembersih 😂