Sunday, 29 January 2017

UNBOXING: Althea Christmas Box (SBBxAlthea)

Hello Pretty Dolls!!!
I'm back with unboxing post!
It's Althea Christmas Box.
Surabaya Beauty Blogger have a collaboration with Althea Indonesia one more time.
We got a chance to try their new app and have a Christmas shopping spree. 

I know its kinda late, but you what they they say?
Better late than never. lmao.
So, Let's jump in!!!

Yes, gurls. I got two boxes.
I manage to buy a lot of affordable stuffs. That's why it seems like I bought so much..
We are all love Korean skincare and makeup, right??
And Althea always have the best price in town. There a lot of promo and discount!!
Once you open Althea app, you gonna droll.
I'm not lying tho. 

I bought a lot more skincare than makeup, compared to my last haul at Althea.
I want to take care of my skin even more. 
And I'm right, few weeks ago I tried new facial foam but it dries my skin and break me out.
So, I'm not wrong for buying  a lot more skincare stuffs.


The first box, (I personally separate the from their color scheme) is contains
all skincare. Serum, eye patch, cleansing tissue, and essence.
Let's see them one by one.

 Secret Key Snail Repairing Emulsion & Serum

 I was contemplating between buying emulsion or toner. I end up buying emulsion because I'm not toner kinda gurl. But, since my skin is getting worse now. I'm planning to buy the toner and cream later.
I haven't try them yet, still waiting for the cream and toner.
I heard a lot of good things about Secret Key products and snail skincare. 
So, I want to give it a try and update you later.

Petitfee Gold & Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch

 Uh-uh another snail products.
Actually, I'm not looking for eye patch based on the ingredients but based on reviews available online.
Petitfee has a lottt of types of eye patch. But I'm looking for brightening and also based on the shape.
Because the are a lot of eye patch shapes that didn't match my eye shape. So, I choose this one.

Calmia Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Tissue

 I loooveee cleansing tissues. 
It's so practical that I can use it all the time when I'm to tired to open up micellar water or 
any cleansing products and grab some cotton swipe. Yeah, I'm that lazy. 
This products is soooo cheap, it's only Rp. 18.000.
That's why I bought it. So far, the cleansing tissue is so soft to the touch. 
So it won't scratch your face or hurt you at all. Love.


This one contains mask, makeup and hand cream.
It's so colorful aren't they? 
I just can't go shopping without buying some makeup. And yeah. Another red lippie.
Because why not.

RiRe Luxe Long & Curl Mascara

Been eyeing this mascara since they launch at Althea.
It have a veryy unique brush lemme tell ya. 
It's soooo unique and eyecatching. I promise I'll review this later.
I still have another mascara on my stash. 

Y.E.T Misson Impossible Lip Marker

Honestly, I bought this just because 
I feel that I should buy lippie products everytime I go shopping on Althea.
I'm also a lover of red color and cute packaging.
Y.E.T products always has a cute packaging and the are also super affordable.

Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Dark Grey

Everyone I knew said that this products is good. So, I end up buying it.
Just that simple. I love the spoolie, it's really soft.

Pure Smile Point Pads

Point Pads is a face mask or patch that you can use on a certain area of your face.\
The concept is like putting a fruit slices on your face.
So, you don't need to buy real cucumber, slice it and put it on your face.
Just grab some of this point pads and voila!
They're also super cute, right? 

Y.E.T Don't Worry Mask Sheet in Police Mask (Oil Control)

This mask is sold out really fast. Once it restock, you need to ruuun, click buy now like really really fast.
Everyone loveee sheet mask. Love them more when they are super cheap.
This sheet mask from Y.E.T are only Rp. 6500! CAN YOU IMAGINE!
That's why this products sold out real fast.
There are 3 kind of them, Anti aging, Nourish, and Oil Control (CMIIW)

 It's My Hand Cream Honey Berry

It's My products always have the simples packaging but it's really cute. I can't resist.
I have a really dry hand and fingers, so I need this.
Honey Berry has that warm kinda frangrance. It's soft and moisture you hand for a pretty long time too.

So, that's all ladies!!
I promise you I'll review the as soon as possible. 

Thank you so much Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Althea Indonesia for this opportunity.

Instagram: @altheakorea
Facebook: Althea Indonesia



  1. Belum pernah belanja di Althea aku..

    Belum kepikiran apa ya yang cocok sama aku produk korea.. takut salah shade.. putih bangeeet..

    1. hehehe, makanya aku gak beli foundation atau bb cream dan sejenisnya kan disini. :D banyak kok yang review produk base jadi kamu bisa lihat sebagai referensi warnanya juga :D