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Review: Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara & Lasting Fine Eyeliner

Hello Pretty Dolls!
Few days ago I got a package from Kawaii Beauty Japan.
They sent me Dejavu Fiberfig Mascara and Lasting Fine Eyeliner
The package was so cute, I really appreciate their hard work to make such a cute and nice package.

On the inside, as you can see there is two products as I mention before.
They also give a guide line of how to use Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara
becuase it's a pretty unique mascara. 

Dejavu is a pretty popular Japanese brand.
But to be really honest, I just heard about them when Kawaii Beauty Japan held this campaign.
Dejavu mascara is super hyped by many internatinal beauty blogger.
And now, Dejavu is coming to Indonesia guys!!
I became really curious of how good the mascara is.
So, let's jump in!

Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara

I think some of you might guess it already.
Just like it's name, Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara is a fiber mascara.
Fiber mascara will give you extra length and volume because it contains tiny little fiber
that will mimicking a your hair and create an instant extension effect.
Just like it's name, Fiberwig, there will be a wig made from fiber in your lashes, ladies. 

That's why Dejavu Mascara is so popular because it will create a "fake eyelash" looks without wearing any of them. Your lash will looks longer and fuller with this mascara.
Dejavu Fiberwig is waterproof, smudgeproof, and sweatproof , so it won't turn you into a panda.
 Another unique thing is, this mascara is so easy to clean up with lukewarm water only.
Yes, you don't even need makeup remover.

can you see the fibers??

Why? Dejavu Fiberwig is a tubing mascara. 
What is tubing mascara?
Tubing mascara is a formula that will coat your lashes all the way like creating a "tube" around each of your lashes. It's like wearing a glove on your lashes. 
That's why they won't smudge, melt down or anything like that.
But they also easily to remove by warm water only.
Warm water will loose the coating and the mascara gonna falls in tiny little tubes.

I'm a big big fan of both fiber and tubing mascara.
So let's see how Dejavu Fiberwig works on my lashes.

This mascara do a really good job of giving a natural long lashes.
It's not a va va voom thick and long but just enough length to open up your eyes.
I really love how Dejavu Fiberwig separates each hair of my lashes.
Even when I use it layer after layer, it won't clump at all. 
I'm actually prefer a mascara with super thick and long effects, but Dejavu Fiberwig is 
really good for you who love natural looking lashes.

Dejavu Lasting Fine Eyeliner

Dejavu Lasting Fine is an auto-pencil type eyeliners. 
This eyeliner claim to help us make a stable and perfect line.
It also has smooth surface so it won't tug you eyelids. 
Dejavu Lasting Fine is also waterproof, smudgeproof and will last for 24 hours.
This eyeliner also has the same formula with the mascara, which you can remove it by using warm water only. So practical, right?

As you can see, it stated on the packaging that this eyeliners has 1 mm core.
It means that the product has only 1 mm diameters. So it could make a really tiny line seamlessly.

It dies really thin, like the thinnest matic eyeliner I ever knew.
So, because it's really thin, don't roll it up way too long or it will break easily.
I did this mistake, ugh. 

The pigmentation is alright, it's pretty pigmented but not like super dark.
It could make a really tiny line if you're a handy person.
I can't even make a perfect straight line so, I'm a bad pencil eyeliner user.

It turn out pretty nice, right?
The only thing I notice is, Dejavu Lasting Fine eyeliner is not as smooth as I thought it would be. 
It's a little bit tugging but not too much.
The pigmentation is good, you don't need to swipe it over and over to get the nicest application.
Another this is, this eyeliner still smudge and transfer on my oily lids. 
I think this better to use on your waterline instead. 

Please remember to not store these product in a place with direct sunlight.
Also don't let the products left open, and close the packaging tightly after use.

Thank you Kawaii Beauty Japan and Dejavu for this opportunity.

Facebook: Dejavu ID
Instagram: @dejavu.indonesia


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