Friday, 18 August 2017

Fashion Collab: How to Style Chunky Choker in 3 Ways

Hello Pretty Dolls..
This post is gonna be a little bit different. 
It's a fashion collab between me, Ce Mindy and Olin
Did you notice something?

The story began when we go shopping together, 
and Olin spotted a chunky bedazzled choker for only Rp.25.000 at H&M.
We decided to buy them and do this collab on how to style your choker based on our individual style. 

I don't know if you can tell, our style is pretty similar but still with individual twist.
We are all coming, wearing monochromatic outfit. 
Ce Mindy is more elegant and cute with her off shoulder black and white top, black tutuand silver glitter jelly shoes.
Olin style is more preppy-rock looking with white off shoulder, tennis skirt, lace stockings, chunky heels boots, and studded heart shaped clutch.
I just realize that Ce Mindy and Olin is wearing a same top but different color lol. 

While meee.... I'm actually channeling my inner endangered mammoth lmao.
I'm wearing fuzzy black sweater, black skater skirt and mary jane suede shoes (also black).

The choker is pretty chunky, I kinda forgot that my neck is really short.
It covers almost all my neck lol.
But hey, it's not bad at all. I think it still looks very nice.
I love how details this choker is. Super shiny and bling-bling.
I'm actually also wearing a silver hoop earring with stars accent. But I kinda forgot to take pic of it.
I think you can see it a little in this photo below.

I do looks like a bear or mammoth with all that fur lmao.
I called myself a cutie mammothie.

Okay, back to 3 of us!

As you guys can already tell. Three of us has different size.
But we are happy about that. Because beauty comes in different size and colors.
It doesn't matter how small or big are you, or what color is your skin.
We are all beautiful. We don't need to be shy about what we gonna wear.

These photos was taken at Coffee at Louis.
A very cozy coffee shop located in Jl. Trunojoyo No. 69 Surabaya.
The ambience is really nice and match our style that day.
Every picture turns out really nice. Thank to ce Nessya for taking most of this pics.

I'm having so much fun doing this fashion collab.
I wish I could do more in the future!
Wait for it everyone :p

Don't forget to visit Ce Mindy and Olin blog to see more about this collab.
Link below.

Pink and Undecided (Ce Mindy's Blog)
Eat.Sleep.Kiss (Olin's Blog)



  1. choker memang lagi hits banget ya, apalagi bagi yang suka lihat kpop, pasti gak bakal aneh lagi liatnya.. hhe

  2. choker memang lagi trend banget ya di tahun 2017 ini, apalagi banyak idol kpop yang menggunakannya.. :)