Tuesday, 6 September 2016

EVENT REPORT: Disney Indonesia x Emina Cosmetic Blogger Movie Screening & Tea Party with Emina

Hello Pretty Dolls,

So 2 weeks ago, Surabaya Beauty Bloggers got an invitation from Disney Indonesia x Emina Cosmetics for Alice in Wonderland Blogger Movie Screening and Tea Party.
It's lit, lemme tell you.

They held this event to celebrating their collaboration with Disney.
Yes! Emina Cosmetic do a collab with Disney and created Alice in Wonderland make up sets.
Isn't it cool? have you ever heard Indonesian brand having a collab with Disney?
I think Emina is the first ever. CMIIW
I'm super excited about the news because Disney themed make up is my weakness.
Well, any movie themed make up is. 

So, the meeting point is at XXI Supermall Pakuwon Indah
To be very honest, I haven't go to movie since....ages.
My last movie that I watch on theater was... wait.. I can't even remember,
Uhm, Avengers? 

The movie is actually pretty awesome. But, the ending is meh...
What was that Alice?
You just going home like that without sipping any cup of tea? 
Okay, maybe I'm the one who didn't understand because I never read the book, so...
I know nothing like Jon Snow.

blurry but we're all pretty
After the movie ended we take some pictures together before go to Emina store that located at Supermall also. 
The store is supeeer cute! 
Pastel colors everywhere and their display is just everything.
Make up + cute display = blogger on a roll
We take pictures as much as we can.


LET'S PLAY "Can You Spot the Bloggers?"

Ugh, the colors, the display. CUTE AF

It's Trixie Wilona. She is so pretty I'm having a little star struck there


Actually, I want to try the products like swatching them
But, it was so crowded. There are 20 bloggers + Emina Staff + some of their cust

Isyana Bae

And it's tea party time!!
Monique, the PR from Emina Cosmetics take us to Dessert Time.
Limas, Gadis, Dita, and me goes first because the other blogger still busy taking pictures.
Thank you Monique for your patient. hehehe

Emina Cosmetics prepared the seating already and look at the table

Yas! That's it! That's the Emina X Alice Through The Looking Glass make up set!
Woooh. We're so excited!
The also prepared this "Explore Kit" box.
When we opened it, it's full of brand new full sets Emina Cosmetics.
They also prepared brand new mini brush sets for us! What a great move from them
I do really appreciate their actions.
Hello other make up brands, this is how you do it! 

I want the all. Well, who doesn't?

I know that this is brand new, fresh from the packaging because I own them in the past

All Pop Rouge Eyeshadow (exclude Purple because it's in the goodie bag)

Fleek eyebrow essential

Skicare line

Monique then explained to us about the collaboration and she challenged us to do Alice themed makeup look based on the pamphlet she gives us.
There are 4 options of make up looks that represent Emina X Alice 4 make up sets.
White Rabbit, The Red Queen, Innocent Alice and The Mad Hatter

I decided to try the Mad Hatter one since it require red lipstick. lol.
While we did our make up, the dessert come.
We eat and did our make up at the same time. 
I like it so much.

After we did the makeup, we have to take a pic, posted in on Instagram and the winner will be announce in 3 days. They already announce the winner and it's @wulanwu !

This is my look.

A photo posted by Redha Caraka Shinta (@redhacs) on

That's the end of the event. It wasn't short. We got so much time together and it's so much fun!
I really respect Emina Cosmetics for the clean make up and brush set. We appreciate that.
Hope we can meet again
This kind of event bring us really close together because it was so relaxed, no rush at all.

And they also give a proper paper bag.
Thank you so much!
Me and Limas been bringing some plastic bag or extra bag just to put goodies inside so we can hang it on our motor cycle.
What's inside the goodie bag?
Emina x Alice Throught the Looking Glass make up set of course!

Pouch and a cute tips

Emina X Alice Through the Looking Glass set 

- Emina Beauty Bliss BB Cream shade Light
- Emina Pop Rouge Eyeshadow in Purple
- Emina Creme de la Creme Lipstick in Emma's Nude
- Emina Cream Blush Cheek Lit in Peach

See you in my next post


  1. aku salah fokus sama makanannya hihihi :3 salam kenal kak :D


    1. Halo Isthi. :D
      Hahaha, enak bgt emang makanannya.
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