Monday, 26 September 2016

REVIEW: LOVEISDERMA VC+ Whitening Gelly Masque

Hello Pretty Dolls
Today I'm gonna share a review of a skincare that I love recently.
It's a face mask with a very unique texture, refreshing and also brighten up your skin.
LOVEISDERMA VC+ Whitening Gelly Masque

I got this product from 0.8 Liter campaign.
Most of beauty blogger already know that 0.8 Liter is a beauty editor platform that 
always held a campaign like this.So, you will get a free products to review. 
But yeah, it's a war. They a hundred (more I guess) user and you have to test your luck with them.
But now, 0.8 Liter just opened a buy or shop service.
You can visit their web and shop some goodies there.

I got the LOVEISDERMA VC+ Whitening Gelly Masque in 70 g. Actually, 0.8 Liter posted the 500 g version but I got the 70 g. I was pretty mad. Pos Indonesia also demand me to pay for the custom. What the actual duck. I've win 0.8 Liter campaign for several times but I never paid for that before. I was super pissed. I inform the 0.8 Liter admin and they admit that the package was sent directly from LOVEISDERMA headquater in Taiwan and they didn't know that Pos Indonesia gonna charge me for that.
About the different amount of product. O.8 Liter explain that the picture the posted on the campaign was a picture they recieve from LOVEISDERMA.
So, 0.8 Liter didn't know that LOVEISDERMA gonna sent me the 70g instead of the 500g like the one on the campaign picture. They was kinda sad too.
Since they already explain and everything I'm alright with and just let it pass. It's not their fault obviously.

LOVEISDERMA is a brand from Taiwan that focusing on skincare and has a wide range of it. Here is how their description from LOVEISDERMA website

"LOVEISDERMA Skin Care formulas consist of only the purest, most powerful ingredients available, which are sourced throughout the world. Each and every ingredient has been clinically tested for both safety and superior efficacy. Designed with unsurpassed formulation technology, LOVEISDERMA Skin Care products are extremely effective, bringing about positive clinical results that are unequaled by other non-prescription skincare products.
The way skin looks and functions is directly related to the health of the body as a whole.

That is why it is important for LOVEISDERMA Skin Care to use products that enhance the natural metabolic functions of the skin and help prevent the signs of premature aging.
We are dedicated to stopping animal cruelty"

As you can see they are legit brand right. I kinda confused why poeple always consider a make up or skincare from Taiwan or China are bad. I don't get it. So Taiwan or China can't have local products?

Go back to the review.
LOVEISDERMA VC+ Whitening Gelly Masque is a whitening mask with a gel x jelly consistency. It feels like jelly to the touch but you can scoop it and spread it into your skin like a gel. Get it? lol I'm so bad a t describing things.
I really love the texture and it also feel so cold/refreshing to your skin.
I think this mask is suitable to used after you exfoliate your skin or picking up your blackhead.
After all that proceduer, your pores will be opened and the cool sensation from this mask will help to  tighten your pores and calm your skin.

On the packaging, it says taht you have to apply thick layer (5mm) and leave it for around 10-15 minutes. At first it feels like something between jelly and gel. It's not gonna dries completely but it gonna turn like a thick gel consistency and kinda sticky. I massage the gel all over my face before rinsing it. 

As it claims to brighten up your skin, I take a before-after picture for comparison if the work for an instant.
You can see that it did brighten up my skin. Look at my forehead area where I didn't put the mask on.
This mask has a very light and soft floral scent to it. 

before - after

You can see that it did brighten up my skin. Look at my forehead area where I didn't put the mask on. It looks like I have a tanline on my baby hair area. LMAO. But, aside from that, I'm pretty satisfied with the result. It also leave my skin softer. Love it.

I checked the price on the internet, LOVEISDERMA VC+ Whitening Gelly Masque 70g price is around 10 USD (Rp. 128.000). It's pretty pricey for 70g of product.
Maybe that's why they didn't give me the full one. lol.

- cooling effect
- it does brighten my skin
-travel friendly
unique consistency

- pricey
- hard to get in Indonesia

Youcan visit 0.8 Liter website and try out their campaign.
Good luck!

Website :
Instagram : @0.8L_Indonesia
Facebook : 0.8L Indonesia



  1. Yeah misscommunicatin beetwen 0.8.liter and brand.

    I was experienced it once with overseas brand. Its really make me upset then i just discontinued the project #cry

    The mask just like Anniesway, do you ever try it?

    1. Yeah, now I'm kinda afraid to join the campaign again.

      I haven't try Anniesway, ugh now I want it. lol.
      thank you for visiting :D

  2. Km kena beacukai berapa kak?

    Aku juga dapat ini sih dan bisa dibilang kecewa karena gambar yg mereka share juga ukuran besar. Aku pertama kali pakai doang cerah, selanjutnya gak ngefek apa2.

  3. kena 20 ribu Indira.
    Sama aku jg kecewa berat loh. Sizenya gak sama. aku shock, kok kecil, udah gitu disuruh bayar. wtf moment hehehe.
    Iya, efeknya gak permanen sih. tp enak adem adem.

    Thank you for visiting :D